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Cut Copy stirs dance party at Town Ballroom - PHOTOS

gallery by Erica Morano  •   •  

Australia's Cut Copy played at the Town Ballroom

It was dancing-room only Tuesday night at the Town Ballroom as Cut Copy enchanted the crowd.

The Australian indie band played tracks from all four of their albums, and the crowd soaked it up.

This was their second visit to the venue in about two and a half years, and I’m sure their fans want them back again soon.

Openers Jessy Lanza and Turkish Prison got the crowd in the…

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here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkVACY6sjak

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Fifth Harmony at Town Ballroom - PHOTOS

gallery by Cody Osborne  •   •  

The Town Ballroom is known to have hosted many loud concerts, but few can compare to the decibel level that it reached on Monday night. 

The five girls from Fifth Harmony hit the stage and from that point on the place was as loud as could be. 

Many teenage girls (and boys) were screaming at the top of their lungs in support for these five beautiful ladies. 

Not only do these…

Cut Copy pushes freedom, floats to Buffalo Tuesday - VIDEO

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

It’s tough to be discouraged when listening to Cut Copy.

The Australian indie band comprising Dan Whitford (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums) has distilled the emotions from two Summers of Love—the emergence of acid-rock in 1967 San Francisco and the liberating acid-house music in 1989 Britain—into uplifting…

MS MR at Town Ballroom - PHOTOS

gallery by Robin David Brown  •   •  

The New York-based indie rock duo MS MR packed Town Ballroom on this past unseasonably cold Saturday night. 

Despite their recent troubles, outlined by Buffalo.com’s Ben Tsujimoto here, the band played on and put forth a great show that will not be forgotten by the large crowd on hand in downtown Buffalo. 

Funtime Presents and Alternative Buffalo presented the show which also…

Robbed MS MR continues tour with heavy heart - VIDEO

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

To say it’s been a trying week for indie electro-pop duo MS MR would be a wild understatement.

On Tuesday night in Miami, Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow had gear and a laptop thieved that contained MS MR’s entire catalog of lyrics and music.

That second album due out later in 2014 will be in major jeopardy if the stolen goods are not returned.

Despite the adversity, MS…

Iliza Shlesinger at the Helium Comedy Club - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  •   •  

Iliza Shlesinger brings her energetic fast paced comedy to the Helium Comedy Club.

Iliza Shlesinger’s comedy is expressive, fast-paced and contemporary.

She had the crowd roaring at both shows Friday night at the Helium Comedy Club in the Cobblestone District. There are two more shows on Saturday night, certainly worth the trip downtown, especially if you’re not a college basketball fan.

Austin Lafond, a talented young up and coming comedian from Rochester and…

Grovey Cleves gets shadowboxed at WNY Book Arts Center - INTERVIEW

blog by Ryan Nagelhout  •   •  

Contemporary Buffalonians tend to view their city’s presidential history as a bit of a bummer.

Millard Fillmore was kind of a letdown, Grover Cleveland didn’t get much done and William McKinley’s claim to Buffalo fame was taking a bullet in the stomach and dying on Delaware Avenue a week later.

These days those names are linked to high schools and hospitals and usually rank…

7 random questions for Iliza Shlesinger - INTERVIEW

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

An interview of disconnected questions can be—and should be—construed as lazy, a chat for which the interviewer was ill-prepared, leaving the interviewee’s mind racing between divergent topics.

The interview doesn’t tell a story, lacks coherent flow and deserves to be saved as a notepad file in one of those labyrinthian Windows program folders.

A waste of time for all involved…

Sun shines on St. Patrick’s Day Parade - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  •   •  

Everybody is Irish on Delaware Ave at the St Patrick's Day parade.

It was cold but the sun was bright as thousands gathered for the 2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade down Delaware Avenue.

The United Irish American Association (UIAA) of Erie County has organized the St Patrick’s Day Parade since 1940 with the mission to conduct a great religious, patriotic and civic event in Buffalo that honors Saint Patrick and highlights the Irish contributions to…

Old Neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014 - PHOTOS

gallery by Cody Osborne  •   •  

In a world full of technology and social networking, there is something magical about seeing a community that can come together as one and celebrate their heritage. 

That was the typical scene on Saturday afternoon down in the Old First Ward for the annual Old Neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day Parade that wound through the Old First Ward in South Buffalo. 

It felt as if all of…

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