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Episode 85-Jason talks Olympics and raps with The World Champion Judah Friedlander

audio by moviemadness  •   •  

Episode 85-Jason talks Olympics and raps with The World Champion Judah Friedlander

The World Champion receives the Jason treatment before his weekend of shows at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo.

Also, Jason will be giving away Amy Schumer tickets each week until the middle of March for Amy Schumer's visit to the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts, so tune in to WBNY 91.3 for more information on that.

(Header photo courtesy of Chuck Alaimo from Judah's…

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Cults take high road back to Buffalo - PHOTOS

gallery by Erica Morano  •   •  

A wall of sound brought by Cults at The Tralf

Cults, an indie band that formed in NYC when guitarist Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Follin were students, brought its beautiful and dreamy pop sound to Tralf Music Hall on another cold Monday night.

This was their fourth appearance in Buffalo, at the fourth different location, which just reinforces the wealth of riches that Buffalo has in its music scene. The crowd was…

Indie sensations Cults scurry to the Tralf - VIDEOS

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

There are typical band narratives—stories that hinge on personality conflicts among band members, bands falling victim to drug use and perceived invincibility, and other divisive events that quickly turn harmony into dissonance.

The story of Cults—an indie pop duo of Brian Oblivion (no, that’s not his given name) and Madeline Follin—is more unorthodox, as the two artists spent…

Episode 84-Adam & Jason talk local comedy, Vine and Tinder

audio by moviemadness  •   •  

Episode 84-Adam & Jason talk local comedy, Vine and Tinder

Who should you follow on Vine? What's up with TV's "Justified"? What's new in the local comedy scene? Let Adam and Jason fill in the blanks for you.

Local bands seek opportunity through Hard Rock Rising

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

The days of More Than Me and Whiskey Reverb are behind us—it’s time for a new local band to vie for international renown through the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands.

The beauty of the competition? The playing field is level, as long as a band is based within 100 miles of the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe and can create an original song—no covers!

From there, let the…

Episode 83-Jason talks Super Bowl and chats with Comedian Ari Shaffir

audio by moviemadness  •   •  

Episode 83-Jason talks Super Bowl and chats with Comedian Ari Shaffir

Jason talks about the Super Bowl, then interviews comedian Ari Shaffir, who is scheduled for sets at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can purchase tickets for Shaffir here:…

Cherished vinyl: Boston’s Transit strips down at Record Theatre - INTERVIEW

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

Joe Boynton views vinyl records as a ritual, a celebration of musical beginnings as we near the end.

“Most music is digital—and it’s jumped from different things,” the Transit vocalist, pictured right, explained. “Even though now music is in its final form, we still see [vinyl records] as a celebration for our love for music.”

This isn’t a musical apocalypse to which Boynton…

Advertising Club of Buffalo’s Uber Bowl V at Coles - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  •   •  

Ad Club of Buffalo's Uber Bowl V at Coles on Elmwood.

As it turned out, one of the more entertaining aspects of Sunday’s broadcast of the Super Bowl was the advertisements—Seattle won by 35, remember.

And, for the fifth year in a row, the Advertising Club of Buffalo held the Uber Bowl, a gathering of top experts in the Buffalo advertising business to discuss the Super Bowl ads.

The executive panel for this year’s Uber Bowl V…

Winterfest at Bacchus - PHOTOS

gallery by Matt Weinberg  •   •  

Buffalonians gathered for Winterfest at Bacchus to support the Brian Moorman PUNT foundation.

Buffalonians celebrated the first Winterfest on Saturday afternoon, hosted by Bacchus on Chippewa. 

Attendees enjoyed delicious variations of chilli, snocones, and other beverages to stay warm in the colder temperatures. 

Entertainment included a silent auction, live music, ice bar and a very exciting ice sculpture contest. Five ice sculptors worked for hours creating Buffalo…

Datsik’s dubstep to the Town Ballroom - PHOTOS

gallery by Erica Morano  •   •  

Fans enjoy the festive atmosphere at Datsik

Buffalo’s bleak January winter gave way to the upbeat musical styling of dubstep DJ and producer Datsik at the Town Ballroom. EDM fans were greeted by the Vortex Lumen, Datsik’s upgraded audio-visual display from which he performs.

Dress code was anything you could find that was bright, 1980s-inspired and fun. Things kicked off late, but the sold-out crowd was full of energy for…

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