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4 things you didn’t know about Catwalk for Charity

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The awesome people at Catwalk for Charity gave me exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes happenings of the event and I found out some interesting information about how things went down. Be sure to check out our official Catwalk for Charity album here!

mud flaps
—Craig Morgan’s production truck has tractor mud-flaps
I don’t know if it can get any more country than this. Prior to his sound check on the morning of the event, I had a chance to talk to some of Craig Morgan’s production team and managers. The mud flaps on the truck just screamed “International Harvester” with the metal decals and as we spoke, a 4-wheeler drove right out the back of the truck. I mentioned how there was a lack of dirt roads he would be able to drive around in downtown Buffalo. The truck driver’s response—“Honey, we can tear up anything. That little patch of grass over there don’t stand a chance.”

rick and harry
—RJ looks great as a blond
The legendary duo that is Harry Neale and Rick Jeanneret have been known to go all out at the Catwalk when it comes to dressing up for the runway. This year was no exception with the two strutting their stuff as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Neale looked dapper as ever in a white wig and sharp suit as the country crooner himself. But Jeanneret stole the spotlight with his flowing blond wig and voluptuous dress—oh the curves on that man.

plane lights
—Auction via the airport?
For the live auction, with a room packed with so many interested buyers, the Catwalk volunteers used safety light sticks straight from Southwest airlines, that are used to guide in airplanes. Having a huge pit of wealthy Buffalonians looking to drop thousands (and I mean thousands) on priceless items and experiences in a dark room, it does seem like official flashing orange glow sticks were the only options. (photo courtesy of Catwalk for Charity)

the Tylers
—Cowboys, and saloon girls, and rodeo clowns—oh my!
DC Theatriks, probably the best costume sop in Buffalo, outfitted the players and volunteers with some pretty legitimate outfits for the event. Saloon girls were complete with stripped satin dresses and feathers protruding from their hair, while the players were rocking plaid, chaps, cowboy hats and bandannas all around. Of course, there was also the “two Tylers” (Ennis and Meyers) who put on the best show as rodeo clowns complete with face makeup and curly red wigs

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