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‘80s radio broadcasts from Buffalo

Boom box! Oh, those were the days when radio waves ruled.

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Video didn’t kill the radio. I’m fairly certain bumptious disk jockeys and Hot Chelle Rae had something to do with it.

I came across these YouTube clips that allow us to look back at Buffalo’s popular radio stations in the mid-1980s. Before Janet Snyder was dropping all those Tony Walker references, Mike McGowan was—well, he was playing music. He was jockeying disks, if you will.

Mike McGowan—remember that name? How about Jimmi Jamm? Froggy? Well, there’s actually a space on Facebook where these Kiss alumni exist. Check out that page for a blast from the past. 

This YouTube clip features all the hottest pop music from back in the day, along with McGowan’s seasoned radio voice getting WNYers through the end-of-day traffic jam. Traffic jam? MUST have been the ‘80s.

Can’t get enough of the nostalgia? I also came across this compilation of radio broadcasts that include music, entertainment and news from Magic 1080 WUFO, and REALLY sexy audio from 93.7 WBLK. Now I know what people mean when they say “baby-makin’ music.”


Photo courtesy of Flickr / Seven Morris.

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