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I was a little unsure of what exactly it would be like to talk to Bob Saget on the phone. Would I be getting the foul-mouthed comedian from the popular HBO standup shows? The charming narration voice on “How I Met Your Mother”? Possibly a version of Danny Tanner?

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to talk to a genuinely awesome guy who couldn’t have nicer things to say about the city of Buffalo and kicking off his career here in his early 20s. He’s s huge fan of Frank’s RedHot sauce, so he’s a winner in my book.

Yes, Bob Saget has starred in many successful television shows, including two of the most family-friendly shows network TV has ever produced (“Full House” and “Americas Funniest Home Videos”), but he’s also been an out-of-his-mind standup comedian for more than 30 years.

We got a chance to chat with Saget prior to his show coming up this Saturday at the Seneca Allegany Casino. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Here is what the funny man had to say.

Do you find people are shocked by your standup act or are they expecting it now?

Bob Saget: I think they are expecting it. The family shows were over 20 years ago now but you wouldn’t know it with syndication I guess. They run some of them constantly. It’s a funny question. It [my show] does have an R-rated tone and I will drop an “F bomb” here and there, but there are other comedians and people much dirtier than me. Just take a look at “Family Guy” or “South Park.”

I’m a little less blue now. The new hour is fun and silly entertainment, but I’ve included a few comedy songs as well… I’d say I’m a soft R when it comes to ratings. No where near an X and I stay away from all those medical and internal jokes. It’s more silly and fun.

Tell us a little bit about working on “How I Met Your Mother” and who exactly is “the mother”?

BS: The mother? What happens is that Josh Radnor goes to the future and mates with himself, which is me. No, that doesn’t make sense. Actually, for me working on the show happened organically. Carter Bayes and Craig Thomas are the brilliant guys who wrote the pilot. Pam Fryman called me and said, “We’re doing this show with Josh Radnor and want to project it like ‘The Wonder Years,’ kind of into the future.”

I recorded the the pilot and they ended up airing it. It is really an honor to be working on such a great show and all these wonderful people. It’s an unusual thing. But I get it, it’s an outside voice and an older version of him. He’ll sound like me after smoking and drinking all those years. But really, where is the mother when I’m narrating the kids?

She must be a hard-working woman. Or she’s in the other room.

Back in 2006, you did a standup show at Canisius College. Does it ring a bell?

BS: I didn’t know what to do there. They brought me to this beautiful building and it was inside a church. But every show I have, it really means a lot to me. I’m a strictly monogamous guy, but doing these shows is like going on a date with the town. I actually remember that particular show really well though.

There were these guys in the stage right, upper balcony that kept standing up. I was worried they were going to fall. There was a pipe organ behind me which I tried to play. But a woman told me I didn’t have the correct pipe organ playing shoes. I obviously had left them at home.

So how exactly did your career start off?

BS: I started in Philly and moved to L.A., but toured a ton in Buffalo. At the time, Harvey Weinstein and Corky Burger had a production company there called Harvey & Corky Productions. I opened for some big time comedians at Buffalo Memorial Aud.

When it came to “Full House” and “Funniest Videos,” those were just jobs I took. They were offered to me and I took them. It’s nice because now I’m really only touring at places I want to visit. I’m going to shoot my new hour special, maybe in June. And I’m doing all this touring so the hour is stand alone. I want to keep it fresh and new.

If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather be stuck with John Stamos or Dave Coulier?

BS: That’s a real tough one. I’d want both of them there. That way John and I could cook and eat Dave. He’s the most tender. Ok, no more cannibalism. It really is a tough question. Maybe I should go with Dave. John and I just did this cuddling video or the art of cuddling or something. Well, it was just nominated for a Webby award. It’ me, basically being groped by John Stamos.

How would you describe Buffalo?

BS: It’s full of really nice people. With the winters, everyone says the same thing. But, I’ve always performed there and I love performing there. I’ve been to Niagara Falls a couple time and have nothing but nice thoughts from all my visits. The only issue is the crazy cold winters.

The other thing is so many people from New York or L.A. I’ve met, are from Buffalo. I talk to so many people from Buffalo. They went to college there or have some connection.

How do you like your chicken wings?

BS: That’s so funny. The Anchor Bar is where I used to go all the time. I’m usually between medium and hot. But only because my stomach can only take so much now. It’s really where my career was started.

I was literally wooed by wings and beer by Harvey Weinstein at the Anchor Bar. He was my manager when I was 22 and they got my sign with him there. Basically because they wine-and-dined me with beer and wings. I eventually learned how to make the wings on my own too.

I did it with Frank’s hot sauce and butter, obviously. I was a young guy, in my bachelor pad with a boiling pot of oil on my stove, buying cases of Frank’s hot sauce at a time. I hear they aren’t so healthy now. But it didn’t matter.

Check out Bob Saget’s “That Ain’t Right” special that aired on HBO—be wary of pretty foul language on this one.

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