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“Acoustic Ninja” slinks to Tralf

Photo of Trace Bundy from gaiaonline.com

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If you’ve been dubbed an “acoustic ninja,” you’d better be one hell of a guitarist.  Ninja—it’s like “deer” or “fish” when plural—are famous for their nimble reflexes, mysterious nature and extreme quickness.  And probably for their good looks too. 

Trace Bundy, a YouTube sensation (9.5 million views) far cooler than Justin Bieber, rightfully earned the “acoustic ninja” moniker; he’s brilliant, cutting-edge and willing to experiment with technique.  Bundy’s acoustic legend continues on Wednesday, April 27th at Tralf Music Hall (7:30 p.m., $12 tickets).

Check out “Hot Capo Stew” in the YouTube video below.  Bundy incorporates five capos, clamped devices that shorten the strings, to adjust the pitch of his performance without fiddling with the traditional tuning keys.  Creative percussive effects, cleverly woven into his melodies to accentuate rather than gloat, further enhance his art.  In technical terms, Bundy’s one of the top “Fingerstyle” guitarists in the world; in the layman’s, he’s pretty freakin’ sweet.   

Audiocast Magazine from Austin, TX said: “Bundy’s live show is without a doubt an event that needs to be witnessed rather than told about. With such a jaw-dropping performance, Bundy’s live concert is a slap in the face that would leave a palm print on the memory of everyone in the audience.”

Even if you’re just an amateur guitarist that likes to strum Nickelback and howl to your heart’s content, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a few pointers from a Bundy live performance. 

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