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Amanda Bynes bounces to WNY Sky Zone - PHOTOS

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

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It all started Wednesday night with this peculiar tweet from @SkyZone_Buffalo.

Could it really be? Amanda Bynes, teen starlet and recent media sensation has been all over the news lately with some questionable behavior.

The news stirred up a ton of local buzz and speculation and rumors flew between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Eventually, some photos surfaced from the visit making it hard to argue the “All That” actress wasn’t in the area.

Here are a couple photos of Bynes posted by Instagram user @shannonmaura.

Amanda Bynes
Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Amanda Bynes
Photo courtesy of Instagram

With such a high profile actress, even Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton got in on the action with this story on her visit.

Radio news stations picked up on the story as well with Sky Zone owner Rhoda See being interviewed by Kiss 98.5 this morning on air.

Here are a few quotes from See’s interview on the morning show:

“The fact is that she came in by herself, obviously we wouldn’t have let her on the trampolines if we thought it was a safety issue. She was very coherent and very with it. No one likes to see someone not feel great and not be the best version of themselves.”

“At the same time, we had a security video. She came completely out of left field and basically tackled one of our instructors. Which was the funniest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. She went, had some fun jumping by herself and was not paying attention, running into a 230-pound instructor.”

WKBW’s Patrick Taney was all over the investigative reporting on this story, posting the following tweets to verify:

Twitter user @czukas also posted this tweet last night, which was eventually deleted.

So for now, the signs are pointing to a probable appearance by Miss Bynes in WNY. If she went anywhere else, we don’t know yet. But we’ll be sure to update this story with details as they come along. Glad she had a good time in our neck of the woods!


Thumbnail courtesy of Instagram.

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