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Blog Less Traveled: Give the gift of Baldwin this holiday season

Wear some Baldwin this season.

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Stop the presses! (Blogs don’t have presses, do they? Errr. “Stop the posting”?)

Jon Elston here with a public service announcement—there are only three yes three shopping days left ‘til Christmas (That’s if you’re celebrating Christmas, of course—if you’re celebrating Hannukah, you should probably already be done with the shopping, right?)!

I don’t mean to make you panic, but if you’re anything like me, your head spins come the holidays. As if running the Emanuel Fried New Play Workshop, attempting to salvage a writing career of my own and kowtowing to Scott Behrend’s every whim wasn’t enough, I also feel obliged to shower my relatives, co-workers, artistic collaborators and few yet cherished friends with lavish gifts of good cheer.

But (as we all know) selecting the perfect, personalized gift for everyone on one’s shopping list is a paralyzing proposition, indeed! There just never seems to be enough hours in each of those three remaining days ‘til Christmas to accomplish all of the St. Nick-ish present procurement that I’d prefer—so this year, the big brains at Road Less Traveled Productions and Block Club Magazine have joined forces to create the one present that everyone I know will love, cherish and wear proudly.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you - the “Alec Baldwin Loves Me” designer t-shirt.

We all know Alec Baldwin from his legendary film performances, his multiple award-winning role as Jack Donaghy on the hit comedy series 30 Rock and his record-breaking sixteen appearances as host of Saturday Night Live. As I’m sure you’ve gathered from his onscreen charisma, Alec is a passionate man of strongly felt convictions. If Alec Baldwin likes something, he’s not afraid to let the world know about it. And over the past six years, I’ve learned that two of the things that Alec Baldwin loves best in the world… are theatre and Western New York.

Alec has visited Buffalo twice since the summer of 2006 to meet and mingle with fans like you, enjoy the finest cuisine the area has to offer and support our local theatre scene. He’s enjoyed himself so much on his last two visits that he called Scott Behrend on the phone one day last year and said, “So when am I coming back?” Yes, Alec Baldwin missed Buffalo—and he will be back on Saturday, Jan. 27 to enjoy our sensational seasonal hospitality—and to wish you a very happy start to your 2012!

It’s true, folks—Alec Baldwin loves you. All of you! And what better way to remind your loved ones just how cool they are—how much you love them—and how much Alec Baldwin loves them—than to outfit them this Christmas in an “Alec Baldwin Loves Me” t-shirt?

Imagine how proud little Billy will be to wear this smart t-shirt to school come January, thereby proclaiming to all his schoolyard chums that the star of Beetlejuice and The Cat In The Hat is his own personal best bud? Or maybe there’s a very special lady on your list who will gleam with delight when she unwraps this very stylish designer tee. Who needs diamonds, am I right?

As a very special BONUS, each Alec Baldwin t-shirt purchase also includes a promotional code good for a discount on one ticket to AB3: The Return Of Alec Baldwin on Friday, January 27th, 2012. Truly, the Alec Baldwin t-shirt is a gift that keeps on givin’!

Look for Alec Baldwin t-shirts at many of WNY’s finest local retailers:

Second Chic (810 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo) 

Alexandra (5326 Main Street, Williamsville)

Village Artisans (5560 Main St., Williamsville)

Hyatt’s (910 Main St., Buffalo)

Neo (512 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo)

Wild Things (224 Lexington Ave., Buffalo)

Ace Flag (5444 Transit Road, Depew)

…And more! I know what all the well-behaved little girls and boys on my list will find stuffed in their stockings on Christmas morn!

WAIT! That’s not even all! Do you want to see Alec Baldwin on for free??? Road Less Traveled Productions is giving away a pair of tickets to AB3: The Return Of Alec Baldwin! To enter, invite your Facebook friends to the event “The Return Of Alec Baldwin”! Simply click the “Invite Friends” button at the top right of the event page and invite all of your Buffalo friends. Then, leave your name as a comment on the Contest post. We’ll draw a name at random on Dec. 23 and one very lucky winner will have one more special blessing to celebrate this holiday season—the blessing of Baldwin!

In all seriousness, though, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Kwanzaa, rockin’ assorted other holidays and a Happy New Year.

And if Alec was sitting beside me—which he will be in just over a month—I’m sure he would do the same.

Only three shopping days left! Get movin’!

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