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You’ve probably been saying to yourself lately, “You know, I don’t have nearly the amount blood, gore, alien arachnids and undead inbreds in my life as I should.” Lucky for you, the Buffalo Screams film festival kicks off tonight and runs through Sunday, just in time for Halloween.

In just five days, take in 48 horror films and fill the void—mentioned above—in your life. All film viewings will take place at the Screening Room Cinema Cafe in the Northtown Plaza Business Center, 3131 Sheridan Drive, Amherst.

Based on the schedule, the films cater to a wide array of scary flick fanatics. Filmmakers range from students to experienced indie movie-makers. Some films are short, others are full-length features. There’s even an Italian-language movie for foreign film buffs.

“We’re showing some truly stunning films with a great deal of diversity,” said festival director Gregory Lamberson in a statement. “Independent cinema is where the best horror films can be found today, and we’re really proud of our program and the filmmakers who are represented; anyone who attends the entire fest will definitely leave it enriched.”

Check out a few of the trailers below:



Tickets are available for the whole festival, a day and for single shows. Get all the admission information and showtimes here.

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  1. Emil J. Novak Sr. October 27, 2011 @ 7:53am

    Excellent trailers on the Buffalo.com site!  I suggest all horror fans stop by the Screening Cinema Cafe this week if you can www.screeningroom.net And enjoy horror in all in styles and colors, from Oct 26 to 30.  www.buffaloscreams.com

    Emil J. Novak Sr.'s avatar