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Boston’s Bynars headline a Grand Night at Nietzsche’s

The Bynars: wild and crazy guys.

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Meet The Bynars, an electronic-influenced pop trio from Boston slated to play in Buffalo for the first time tonight at Nietzsche’s at 9 p.m. Buffalo favorites The Tins,  fellow Bostonians Aloud, local indie rap-rockers The Bloodthirsty Vegans and the approaching-legendary-status Albrights will also perform as part of a stellar night of music billed as the Grand Night at Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St., Buffalo).

After forming in 2008, The Bynars (yes, nerds, it is a Star Trek reference), toured the United States and produced a few EPs before buckling down to record their first full-length album, 2011 self-titled effort The Bynars. They’ve shared the stage with such well-known (in some circles, anyways) artists such as Fun., The Front Bottoms, Math the Band, Plushgun, Pretty & Nice and The Wandas.

In preparation for the Grand Night, Bynars vocalist / guitarist Matt Jatkola talked to Buffalo.com about the group, their appearance in Buffalo and a few other fun facts.

Buffalo.com: So your band is named after a species in Star Trek? Why did you choose that name? Do you all have really large brains?

Matt Jatkola: We totally are, and yeah, we do. Well, first off, we’re all nerds. We’re all really into Star Trek. We actually chose the Bynars because they’re an alien race that’s half human and half computer. They always travel in pairs. That’s kind of like their whole deal. That’s what we try to do with our music. We’re trying to use electronics as part of what we are That’s probably like the main link there, besides the fact that we’re big Star Trek nerds.

Buffalo.com: How did you guys meet?

Matt Jatkola: Ben, the synth player, and I went to middle school together, so we grew up together. We actually found our drummer, Mike, after soliciting for drummers on Craigslist. It was an awful experience. There were so many weirdos. Mike answered one of the ads and we hit it off with him. We were really glad that he wasn’t a totally insane psycho. Now we’ve been playing with him for three and a half years, so he’s a really good friend.

Buffalo.com: I can tell you guys have a lot of fun just from watching your interactive video for “How Does It Feel to Be in Love.” http://thebynars.com/hdif-video.html Are you releasing another video soon?

The Bynars get interactive.

Matt Jatkola: We’re actually working on a new video now for Every Little Thing You Love and it’s a big project. The art director from the “How Does It Feel to Be in Love” video is directing it and we’re trying to produce a short film music video. It should be great. The premise of the video is simple: a girl falls in love with an alien, but we have so many crazy things we have to do for it. There’s prosthetics for the alien dude and we rented out a roller rink to shoot a prom scene. It’s like a roller skating prom so we have to get a bunch of our friends in Boston to come out and shoot that with us. We’re actually doing that a couple days after we come back from Buffalo.


Buffalo.com: Are you going to have Katy Perry in it as an alien?

Matt Jatkola: We approached her with an offer, but we haven’t heard anything yet.

Buffalo.com: What are you listening to lately and who are your influences?

Matt Jatkola: We’re kind of mixing a lot these days with what we’re listening to and what we’re influenced by. When we started out, we were mainly influenced by Weezer, bands related to Weezer and The Beatles. Now we’re also into the pop stuff that’s on the radio right now. Like I really, truly enjoy it. I’ve been listening to the newest Nicki Minaj album a lot. I know all the words already. I usually don’t care when people know that I like pop icons/artists, but for some reason I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m such a huge fan of hers. I just really like the album. She’s definitely a guilty pleasure. There’s also weird ‘80’s electronic bands, and bands like Kraftwerk and like Devo.

Buffalo.com: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Matt Jatkola: We just really want to affect people. We create this art that we love, and we want people to love it or at least feel something from it. We’re not necessarily interested in fame and fortune or anything like that. We’re just trying to get our stuff our there to as many people as possible and hope that they have an emotional experience with it.

Buffalo.com: What’s next for The Bynars?

Matt Jatkola: We’ve been throwing around the idea of doing album number two, and we’ll probably start recording in the fall. We’re hoping for a 2013 spring release. That’s the one-year plan and we’re just trying to get out and play as many shows as possible.

Buffalo.com: What should we expect from your show tonight and how should we prepare?

Matt Jatkola: Our live show has an electronic vibe with a little bit of a rock edge. We’ve tossed stuff at people before – candy, water, whatever – whatever’s reachable to throw at people. I think to prepare you should just watch the Next Generation Bynars episode and you’ll be fine.

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