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Broziety Free: Crush, the Everlasting drops second EP

Photo provided by Crush, the Everlasting

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When a young band grows up together, evolves as a group and learns the inner-workings of each band member musically and personally, it’s not a huge surprise that a deep connection forms.  In the case of Crush, the Everlasting, these relationships breed new, creative music and band-specific lingo.  Confused by “broziety?”  It simply means “anxiety caused by the presence of those commonly known as ‘bros.’”  We’ve all suffered from broziety at some point.

Crush, the Everlasting will release its second EP Friday at Mohawk Place as the headliner of an impressive bill.  The Mixtape, Summer Scene, Young Youth and Fictitious Ray (probably my favorite band name in the area) will perform beginning at 5 p.m.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $13 at the door.  Crush, the Everlasting will have its five-song EP—“Younger Then”—on sale for a reasonable $5 (as opposed to an “unreasonable $5?”), and it features the band’s most promising track, “Don’t Change.” 

“The title of the EP [Younger Then] focuses on a theme I’ve been fascinated with for awhile,” lead vocalist Patrick Feeley said.  “You’ll never be as young as you are at this very moment, and this view gives significance to what’s already happened in life.”

Trying to characterize the style of the CD, Feeley mentions a slight departure from pure pop.  “[Younger Then] is not quite as pop-y,” he explains.  “Its roots are definitely in pop music, but it hints at more indie and rock ‘n’ roll as well.” 

When asked if the shift from a more traditionally young venue like Club Infinity to a slightly more mature stomping grounds like Mohawk Place is a sign that the album appeals to an older audience, Feeley cited other factors for the switch.

“I’d rather pack a smaller room,” the lead singer said.  “I really like the vibe there and the feeling of being downtown.”  We can’t blame him. 

If you want a sample of Crush, the Everlasting’s music before they hit the stage Friday, browse through their YouTube channel.  You might even learn a few brand new words from the show!  (And tell Fictitious Ray “hello” while you’re at it.) 

**More recent Crush, the Everlasting lingo, courtesy of Feeley & the band: 

“Gally” (proper n.):  The Walden Galleria Mall.

“talent” (n.):  “When a shorty is good looking, she is deemed ‘talented’”

Contextually?  “We’re gonna log some hours at the Gally.  We’ll probably take a few laps and peep the talent.”

“Combust” (verb): “something that happens to an individual when they are so indie they can no longer exist on the earth.”  (This is Buffalo.com’s personal favorite, you know, if Buffalo.com was a person.)

Buffalo.com tries Crush lingo contextually:  “We hope that considerable talent appears on Friday, but maybe not of the combustible sort.  It sounds messy.” 

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