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Kristen Wiig -- Youtube

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Kristen Wiig—Rochester
The “Bridesmaids” star and SNL cast member needs little introduction as a WNY native who hit it big time in Hollywood. The comedian-actress attended Brighton High School in Rochester and later moved to Los Angeles where she trained at The Groundlings and eventually landed her current gig at “Saturday Night Live.”

Wendie Malick—Buffalo
The “Just Shoot Me” and “Frasier” star was born and raised in Buffalo and attended Williamsville South High School before testing out the fashion world as a model. Eventually her wit and charm landed her some hilarious roles in film and television. You can catch her now starring alongside Betty White on “Hot In Cleveland.”


Nick Bakay—Buffalo
You might not recognize his face, but the voice-over actor was raised in Buffalo and attended Nichols School. His most famous character would be Salem from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” He teamed up with Melissa Joan Heart for a mini-reunion to shoot this Funny of Die video recently. NSFW due to language!


Christine Baranski—Buffalo
This Buffalo girl attended Villa Maria Academy before studying at Julliard and with grandparents who worked in Polish theater, the stage was set. Baranski made a name for herself on “Cybil,” but the hilarious actress can be seen more recently in the film version of “Mamma Mia!” and “The Big Bang Theory” on television.


John Lithgow—Rochester
Born in Rochester, the Harvard alumnus credited one performance in school as the game-changer for pursuing a career in acting and theater. He eventually studied in London and was a hoot in “3rd Rock from the Sun” on television. You might know him as the pastor in the original “Footloose,” but today Lithgow is starring on “Dexter” in a more serious role.


Don Messick—Buffalo
A legendary voice actor, the Buffalo native worked for Hanna-Barbera from the 1940s to the 1990s. His most famous voices can be heard as Scooby-Doo, Papa Smurf and Dr. Benton Quest. Other voices could be heard on shows including “The Jetsons,” “Tom & Jerry Kids,” “Yogi Bear” and “Tiny Toon Adventures.” Messick died in 1997 from a stroke.



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