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Buffalo news anchor appears in ‘Arrested Development’ - VIDEOS

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WGRZ anchor John Beard is known locally for delivering headlines and asking tough questions, but he also has a bit of a cult following after appearing in 15 episodes of “Arrested Development.”

Beard, who played a fictional news anchor by the same name in the show for three seasons, is set to return for the fourth season, which will premiere on Netflix this Sunday.

“I will tell you from what I’ve seen so far they may be even funnier than before,” Beard told Splitsider.com.

During the production of the first three seasons of the show, Beard was a real news reporter for a Southern California FOX affiliate playing a fictional newscaster from the same area, where the show’s Bluth family resided.

Beard was a regular character on “Arrested Development,” having appeared in the show’s pilot in 2003 and making appearances through 2006.

Beard recently returned to California—Hollywood, to be precise—where he interviewed actors from the show. Those video clips are on WGRZ’s website.

“I just love hearing your voice. I didn’t hear a word you just said,” “Arrested Development” star Jason Bateman said in an interview with Beard, embedded below. “Growing up listening to you, and then listening to you on the show. It’s a symphony.”

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