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Buffalo: we made Rihanna sick

Rihanna -- did Buffalo make her sick?

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So Rihanna had to cancel the second stop on her Diamonds concert tour last night after coming down with a case of laryngitis following her Buffalo show.

“Unfortunately, following her sold-out concert on Friday, Rihanna has contracted laryngitis and per doctor’s instruction is unable to perform this evening,” noted a statement from the Rihanna camp shared by Rolling Stone.

Don’t feel too bad, Boston—she promised to come back. And for someone who is unapologetic, she certainly seemed upset about the whole situation.

Rihanna Twitter


Here’s the bigger concern: did Buffalo somehow make one of the world’s biggest pop superstars sick? First McKinley, now this! People are going to stop coming to visit us.

You may be wondering what laryngitis is, exactly. Your voice box—that’s the larynx—contains your vocal cords, which essentially allow you to speak. This contraption is found at the entrance to your trachea, which takes air to your lungs. If those vocal cords get infected, they swell up—this can be painful, cause hoarseness and really kill your ability to belt out “Don’t Stop The Music” during your second encore in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

How does someone gets laryngitis, anyway? According to WebMD.com, laryngitis can be caused by colds or flu, acid reflux, overuse of the voice or smoking.

So let’s consider the options. Could we have given Rihanna a cold? This New York Daily News photo shows Rihanna taking a stroll into the crowd during her concert at First Niagara Center, and there could have been a lot of stuffy noses and hoarse coughs among that group.


Rihanna in the crowd


The NYDN even added that “...at one point, she grabbed a fan’s cell phone and took a picture.” Touching someone else’s greasy, sweaty, concert-hand-handling, jammed-in-your-grubby-pocket phone does seem a little gross.

As for acid reflux—is it possibly Rihanna got a little too crazy with the chicken wings before the big show? That font of medical knowledge, chacha.com, claims that Buffalo wings can cause a rough case of heartburn. Maybe a single order of the good stuff from the birthplace of the chicken wing was too hardcore for Rihanna to handle. After all, according to her recent profile in Rolling Stone, she enjoys a good wing or two—and apparently she eats them with ketchup? What the hell is that?

Her tour rider in 2012 also called for “...Flaming Hot Cheetos, a box of Golden Grahams cereal, a large bag of Haribo brand Gold Bears, Red Bull energy drinks, Grey Goose vodka, and Ginger Ale.” So yeah, good chance that Rihanna gets a little heartburn.

As for overuse of voice, she has been getting ready for the tour over the past few weeks, as chronicled here at Buffalo.com. Also, she seems to be a bit of a basketball fan—she created a stir when she attended the New York Knicks - Los Angeles Lakers game with Chris Brown on Christmas Day. Perhaps she’s getting a little too this recent Lakers stretch run for the playoffs? Can’t blame Buffalo for those things.

And as for smoking…ah, yeah, Rihanna likes to smoke.


Rihanna marijuana


It appears that Buffalo is off the hook for getting Rihanna sick.  Guess Bieber won’t need that gas mask when he comes here this summer.

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