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Photo taken from screenshot of Buffalo for real video

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Growing up in Elma, East Aurora’s northerly neighbor, I spent several an “errand trip” patrolling the creaky floors of Vidlers’ 5 & 10, on the hunt for cheap goodies that a 10-year-old would crave. Usually, I settled on the black licorice jelly beans, which should tell you more than enough about the peculiarity of my childhood.

And no, the bacon dental floss, bacon chapstick and bacon mints were not available at the time, because they’d probably trump the jelly beans.

Anyhow, musician Nelson Starr, who’s developed his own persona as host of Visit Buffalo Niagara’s “Buffalo. For Real” TV series, navigates the many departments of East Aurora’s treasured village store.

He even rides Sandy, the beloved horse! I may have ridden Sandy once or twice myself, though I’m fairly sure her bulky plastic thighs scared me as a child.

Visit Buffalo Niagara is the go-to tourism site for the Queen City’s visitors, but the organization is equally informative for Buffalonians that are curious about the activities surrounding them.

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