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Buffalo’s newest beauty consultant

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

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The Youtube gods were shining down on me when I stumbled across this beauty channel featuring the exceptionally entertaining Britt from Buffalo. This girl is fantastic. Not only does she offer makeup tutorials and advice, she may be the sole reason the Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots earlier in the season.

Her bubbly personality and matter-of-fact commentary go well together, making it extremely difficult to not watch the entire video. Who knows what she will be posting about next! Here is Britt’s most recent video posted yesterday about the differences between liquid, gel and marker eyeliner. She also shares a new favorite pair of shoes she recently purchased. Fabulous!

Also, here is Britt’s post from before the Bills vs. Patriots game back in September. She appears to be an avid reader of the Buffalo News and provides a pretty decent commentary on the game, players, injuries and Tom Brady’s stats. Her rendition of the “Shout” song made this video 100 percent worth the nine minutes of my day.  We should take her advice and make a Buffalo Bills breakfast complete with red and blue scrambled eggs, wear our Bills pajama pants and braid our hair—that’s the secret!

I can’t help but love her. My next favorite video? “Lip plumping face yoga” for sure! Who knew that making faces and timed breathing would result in a youthful glow. Whoever this girl is, I want to meet her. Learn all the tricks to get voluptuous lips in her video here:


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  1. Amanda Burke Buczek January 05, 2012 @ 11:09pm

    Your wish is my command Kathryn :)  I shared this story on her fb page.

    Amanda Burke Buczek's avatar
  2. Kathryn Przybyla January 07, 2012 @ 10:27am

    Thanks Amanda! Hope I can get in touch with her soon!

    Kathryn Przybyla's avatar