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Steak & Cake needs sweet, sweet cash

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

Steak & Cake Records, a tiny indie label located right here in the city of Buffalo, has a pretty ambitious plan: a summer concert featuring cutting-edge bands from Western New York held in the heart of Elmwood Village at Bidwell Park.

Here’s the thing, though - summer concerts featuring cutting-edge bands from Western New York held in the heart of Elmwood Village at Bidwell Park cost money.  You have to negotiate the labyrinthine bureaucracy of city hall.  You have to get insurance.  You have to get power.  You have get bands.  You have to do promotion.  You have to find security.  You have to wrangle vendors.  Even when you keep the whole thing at a pretty small scale, it’s still not just “hey kids, let’s put on a show.”

Basically, the Steak & Cake-ers need cash to get this project off the ground.  To help raise the necessary funds, they’re making a deal with you, the purchasing public: visit the Steak & Cake Bandcamp page and plunk down five American dollars to get a download of the Juggernaut EP by NYBRKFST.  You’re probably asking, “Who the hell is that?”  Go listen - they’re good.  For your $5, you also get two unreleased tracks, a lyrics sheet, liner and production notes, album art, an 8x10 poster and a download of the music video for “The Neighborhood Martyr.”  That’s a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears from local musical artists for $5.

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