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Celebrate 464’s fourth birthday with symbolic installation

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We’ve seen a study this week that points to Buffalo as less-than-conducive for birthing and developing a small business, so when a small local art gallery reaches its fourth anniversary, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate.

464 Gallery at 464 Amherst St., Buffalo, will hold a fourth anniversary celebration from 6 to 11 p.m. Friday that coincides with the release of a new installation called “4: Resurrection.” The event is free and open to the public, beverages will be provided and Lloyd Taco Truck will be on the scene around 7 p.m.

The theme centers on taking old, used objects and recreating them for new purposes—also backing the notion that 464 has morphed what was once a decrepit building into a hub of creativity, enthusiasm and ideas. 464’s website notes that month-long renovations have taken place at the store, so you may be surprised by what you see.

As usual, 464 owner Marcus Wise has several different elements planned for the debut of this installation, highlighted by a group exhibit completed by more than a dozen local artists as well as live art created on the second floor by the gallery’s six resident artists: Thomas Webb, Christina Laing, Ryan Mis, Alicia Malik, CJ Szatkowski and David Tarsa.

Perhaps even more impressively, gallery member Melissa Lehner will create “A Synthetic Nature,” a complex installation that tangles with traditional ideas. Here are her own words, courtesy of the 464 website:

Acts of weaving, wrapping, and sewing done by human hands are simply a mimicry of what we see in the world around us. Just as the weaverbird weaves his nest, and the caterpillar spins its cocoon, we attempt these processes to create works of our own, to imitate and encapsulate nature’s simple beauty and perfection.

An antique sewing machine serves as a point of consideration, what would happen if nature relied on technology for its creations, and how do they speak, and contradict one another? This installation creates a scenario in which the machine becomes the tool for making a “natural” object, a shocking blue nest, which dangles from the branch in which it’s woven. How do tools, the human hand, mirror nature, while also changing nature? We are simultaneously an admirer and destroyer of the world around us.

You’ll be able to marvel at Lehner’s work while digesting deep ideas and your Lloyd burrito simultaneously. I’d also like to meet a “weaverbird.”

For even more detail, view Sarah Maurer’s post on Buffalo Rising that lends examples of the artistic creations.

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