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Chae Hawk releases new single, ‘Heartlock’ - VIDEO

Chae Hawk and Grabbitz -- Buffalo's hip-hop breatkthrough?

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Just in time for spring: Buffalo’s top hip-hop crossover artist, Chae Hawk, has a new single to share. The track, “Heartlock,” has an interesting dubstep feel and is produced by Hawk’s newest discovery, Iroquois High School grad Nick Chiari—better known in local music circles as Grabbitz. “Heartlock” will be found on his soon-to-be-released, four-years-in-the-making labor of love, Dance Party for the Heavy-Hearted.  Have a listen:

Yes, dubstep is becoming more and more popular in the United States, and Hawk certainly has the deft ability to incorporate trending music into his own work—but in this case, he is well ahead of the curve. Hawk has been experimenting with the genre for over three years and his grime-heavy track “Malt Liquor” was even featured on the 2009 Plastician mixtape Dubstep LA: Embrace The Renaissance Vol. 1.


“I’ve been playing with dubstep since early ‘08,” Hawk remarked in an email interview on Thursday. “We were the first from the States to even really combine dubstep and rap. I’ve opened up for (British dubstep DJ) Rusko twice and when I first conceived Dance Party for the Heavy-Hearted I knew I wanted dubstep to have an influence. “Heartlock” happens to be the only song of heavy dubstep influence on the whole album, but young Grabbitz created what I felt to be a perfect introduction to the public on behalf of Dance Party for the Heavy-Hearted.”

Chae Hawk and Grabbitz.

Hawk is clearly enamored with Chiari’s work, referring to he and the young producer as the “...next Dre and Eminem combination to the music game.” Grabbitz is currently part of Hawk’s Team Radio roster and the seasoned MC has big plans for both he and Chiari’s future.

“I gave him more opportunity to showcase his ability, and from there, our creative chemistry proved special,” Hawk explained. “While appreciating Nick’s individuality, personality, talent and work ethic, I made the decision to manage and help develop his career alongside mine so that the world will get to know both of us together, at once, as a strong artistic force. He is truly the answer to all my production woes. When it came to making the album, I went through several producers and relationships to get just the right sound that happened to stumble into path through the showcases and parties I’ve been throwing.”

Hawk, Grabbitz out for a walk.

Hawk has no public performances locally in the near future while he completes Dance Party…—“priorities,” he noted—but he will be part of Athl├Ętes & Artistes For Congo 2012 on Saturday, May 5 in Montreal. Hawk also plans to release a new video for “Heartlock” next week.

“The sky is the limit for us and Team Radio,” Hawk wrote at the end of his email. “We are getting busy! And we will be the ones to put Buffalo on the Map. #Salute to that!”


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  1. Karen April 22, 2012 @ 11:06pm

    Team Radio has a wonderful, talented, exciting Artist with Nick Chiari! The Sky expands and makes room for TR Producer, Chae Hawk and Artist, Grabbite,  to combine their GPS/Talents…Dubstep and Rap!
    See you at the TOP!
    K. Lopez

    Karen's avatar