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Challenging reality: Faber to exhibit at 464

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It’s probable that words like “metaphysics” and “ontology” made your brain throb in college, but fortunately, 464 won’t expect you to recall definitions, write a four-page paper on the nature of “being” or probe deeply into the bowels of epistemology.

From 6 to 10 p.m. on May 10, 464 Gallery will host local photographer Simon Faber’s solo exhibition, “Digital Edge,” which will run at the gallery through May 22. The opening is free to attend, refreshments are usually provided and there’s often a food truck on the scene, though details have yet to be announced.

German philosopher turned Buffalo photographer, Faber has wrestled with understanding comprehensive reality—I suppose that’s the task of most philosophers—but he’s managed to mesh theory with practice through his studies at the University of Wurzburg, the master’s of architecture program at the University at Buffalo and through his internationally-published research thesis “Ontic Space - An Ontological Approach to Architecture and Design.”

According to Faber’s statement in 464’s press release, the exhibitionist’s architectural design studies and photography pursuits were a concrete means of expressing concepts in philosophy.

“The study and practice of architecture allowed [me] to explore and express the [understanding of reality] in a three-dimensional fashion. Photography, in combination with digital media tools, opens up further opportunities to search, find and reveal ontic and iconic qualities in the human environment. Each photographer project is a quest for original and unique perspectives in order to comprehend and visually expose the inherent truth of life.”

464’s exhibition will allow attendees to witness Faber’s representation of reality through experimental photo-based art, which “challenges the viewers’ concepts of real and imagined space through digital manipulation.”

You can purchase Faber’s photo prints on etsy.com and also view the work he does with D’Youville College’s Kavinoky Theatre.

(Header photo courtesy of Faber’s Facebook page).

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