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Charlene Amoia: From Buffalo to the big screen - INTERVIEW

Photos courtesy of Charlene Amoia

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It’s always cool to come across Buffalo ex-pats who are doing big things in the entertainment business.

With film’s being produced locally left and right, we caught up with Charlene Amoia—Buffalo native most known for her recurring role as Wendy the waitress on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Since, then she was also featured on “Glee,” “90210” and playing Diana Coto on TV drama “Switched at Birth” among many other shows.

According to her IMDB page,

In addition to recent recurring roles on “Days of Our Lives” and “Drop Dead Diva”, Amoia has appeared in several recent feature films including “Seven Pounds” (2008) with Will Smith, “American Reunion” (2012) with Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari and Thomas Ian Nicholas, and “The Longer Day of Happiness” (2012).

We got a chance to catch up with Amoia about some of her upcoming projects and favorite places in the Queen City. Check it out below.

Tell us a little bit about growing up in Buffalo.

Charlene Amoia: I was born and raised in Buffalo. Most of my family and friends are still there. Buffalo is very much still home to me. In fact, I’m premiering my film “SHE” at the Buffalo International Film Festival (BIFF) next month on Oct. 5 and 6.

Do you ever get a chance to come back and visit?

CA: I come back at least once a year!

What are some of your favorite things about the area?

CA: My favorite thing about Buffalo is the people. People are generally very warm and friendly there. I don’t think I would of noticed this if I hadn’t moved away and come home to visit. I also like to eat everything bad for me when I come home. Buffalo really knows how to make good tasting comfort food.

I always get my favorite pizza and wings, Ted’s hotdogs and beef on weck. Then I go back to LA and pay for it.

What have been some of your favorite movie projects to work on recently?

CA: My favorite movie to film to date has been “American Reunion.” I was flown to Atlanta for three separate weeks of shooting, so it was a vacation and a party all in one.

Charlene Amoia

You played a pretty memorable character on “How I Met Your Mother.” How was working on that show?

CA: It has been a real pleasure to of worked on HIMYM. It’s one of the nicest sets I have worked on. Really nice people all the way around.

Any favorite actors you have gotten to work with?

CA: Working with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison on “Glee” was pretty fun, we shot a pretty special episode so I hold that experience in high regard. Working with Will Smith and Woody Harrelson was a pretty incredible day as well.

It seems 2014 will be a busy year with releases for you. What can you tell us about the projects/films you have coming up?

CA: I have a few different films coming up but really feel I should mention the movie “FAT” that will be released soon. It just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is a really special story of one man’s struggle with food addiction and mental illness.

It’s based on the writer/directors Mark Phinney’s life and played by my friend Mel Rodriguez. I’m proud to be in this film for it is such an honest approach to the subject.

Who have been great mentors or role models for you in the entertainment business?

CA: I don’t know about role models in the traditional sense of an actual mentor but I’ve always looked to great performers like Audrey Hepburn and Meryl Streep as an inspiration.

What other kinds of films or television projects would you love to get involved in if you could?

CA: I hope to one day get to work with directors Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino and co-star along side Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp.

What are your favorite movies and television shows?

CA: My favorite current television shows are HBO’s “Newsroom” and “Girls.”  My all time favorite comedy is “Liar Liar.” I also love “American Beauty,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Annie Hall.”

Any good stories from being on set in the past?

CA: Once I was cast in “American Reunion” I friended a few of the producers I had not yet met on Facebook. After my first week of shooting I was checking out of my hotel room to go back to LA and I ran into one of these producers at the front desk.

I had not yet met him in person and he was like, “Hey, new Facebook friend!” and I was like, “Hey! So nice to finally meet you in person!” with a big smile on my face. He then looked at me a little weird and I went off to my cab. I knew then that I should check the mirror and to my discovery I had a huge black potato skin on my front tooth.

We laugh about it now but it made for such an embarrassing first meeting.

Do you still consider yourself a “Buffalo girl?”

CA: I guess I know I remain a Buffalo girl at heart because one of my favorite things to do is spend a night with good friends bowling.

Charlene Amoia

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