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Chicago vs. Chicago in latest New Era commercial - VIDEO

Photo courtesy of Youtube

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The Windy City Showdown begins.

Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson go head to head in this long-standing MLB rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox in New Era’s latest ad campaign. Although the Bisons are the closest we can get to an MLB team, you still can’t help but love these two guys ripping each other apart.

Robinson was just in town at the end of March for the University at Buffalo, Undergraduate Student Association comedy series at Alumni arena.

This is a nice follow up to the Alec Baldwin vs. John Krasinksi video ad campaign for the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry New Era produced last year. This leads me to believe we have a few more of these Offerman - Robinson videos coming soon. Take a look at “Chicago vs. Chicago: Round I.”

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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