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He made it! Here’s what the world had to say

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Colbert weighs in on Nik Wallenda walk - VIDEO

Photo courtesy of Colbert Report.

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“Wallenda fever” has taken the nation by storm.

Stephen Colbert put in his two cents on the daredevil event that is taking place tonight in Niagara Falls. Featured on The Colbert Report, tonight’s festivities were described as “the most life-threatening event on network television since any football game.”

The political funny man made a few jokes about the city all in good fun, including the following jab, “You know a town is in bad shape when they have to create a tourist attraction to attract tourists, to their tourist attractions.”

Take a look at the rest of the segment below. Will you be making the trip to Niagara Falls tonight or watching on television?

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High-Wire Walk over Niagara Falls
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Photo courtesy of Colbert Report.

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He made it! Here’s what the world had to say

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