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Why do people go on cruises?  Aside from the all-you-can-eat grand buffets and overflowing open bars, the purpose is generally to abandon the normal routine of life, receive a deep summer tan and visit a number of exotic places. As a result, the majority of trips are taken to Cancun, Cayman Islands, Barbados and Aruba—the hot party islands you’d see on MTV Spring Break.

The tide is changing, however, as cruises to different destinations—like Canada and the Great Lakes—are becoming far more popular. It makes sense—you’re grown up now and a little more interested in witnessing hidden treasures in Montreal with a buzz than stumbling around Hawaii obliviously because of your pulsating hangover. Culture? Get some.

In fact, Great Lakes Cruise Company has now included Buffalo as a port stop for the Great American Waterways Tour in May 2012. Buffalo’s not alone, though, as Michigan, Chicago, Montreal, Niagara Falls and the Soo Locks mark other classy pit-stops along the Great Lakes. Cool, right? The itinerary explanation is a little cliche: “DAY 8: Buffalo, NY is known for its sports, snow, and special sauce!”—we’re not exactly what they’re referring to with the “special sauce” reference, but it sounds delicious.

While there’s a bevy of cruising options for next summer, the prices are a little steep. $5,000+ per person for a week? I shuddered too. Still, the possibilities are endless—how about a five-day cruise from Buffalo to Chicago for $800? We’re obviously just speculating on prices, but that would serve as an awesome getaway for folks unnerved by the “spring break” mentality of other cruises.

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