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Crystal Fighters wrap up their US tour - INTERVIEW

Photo courtesy of last.fm

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Every band believes that what they’re doing is unique, but few if any have as much right to make that claim as Crystal Fighters. That is, unless you know of many other groups out there fusing traditional folk music from the Basque region with contemporary dance styles.

Using state-of-the-art technology alongside traditional instruments from northern Spain—such as txalapartas and txistus—is how Crystal Fighters stands out from the rest. The Bristish-Spanish band formed in 2007 in London and comprises Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars, txalaparta, percussion) and Graham Dickson (guitar, txalaparta), with Laure Stockley and Mimi Borelli also on vocals.

Kicking off their U.S. tour at SXSW this month, Crystal Fighters played five shows in Austin and will wrap up their trip in Los Angeles next week. We got a chance to chat with Pringle before he finished their last showcase in Texas. Take a look at what he had to say.

How’s it been in Austin so far?

Sebastian Pringle: It’s been great and it’s an amazing festival. Not a carnival, but much more real than you can imagine.

Ever been to SXSW before?

SP: We came two years ago, but this year’s been fantastic.

Where have you looked for musical inspiration?

SP: Our new album’s coming out, so we’ve experimented with a lot of different genres. From old and pre-19th century to 20th century folk music, it’s a lot of old songwriting. We look at many different genres like techno, dubstep and house.

How have you been enjoying the U.S. tour so far?

SP: We’ve done several shows in Los Angeles and we’re really excited about it. New York has somewhat been as welcoming as before and coming back here to play at great venues is great.

Where did your musical passion begin?

SP: With my Dad growing up. We were always listening to music from Caribbean music to American blues. Then it went into forming little bands and playing productions and new instruments. It’s a lifelong thing for me.

Tell us a little but about the beginning of Crystal Fighters.

SP: Gilbert and I were old friends from home and we later became friends wit Graham. We went to London and started making music. Laure and Mimi came on after that too.

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?

SP: I suppose to play more in the states and for the success of our new album. Perhaps, for people to respond to it well. At the moment, were trying to make something surprising and fresh for our audience. That’s what can be difficult.

Photo courtesy of last.fm.

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