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ReddRoxx Rundown: CurtDaFlirt, more than a ladies’ man

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Buffalo is full of young talent and this week’s artist featured on the ReddRoxx Rundown is no exception. He comes from a family where music isn’t just a hobby, it’s tradition.

Like many independent artists, CurtDaFlirt wears many hats in his musical career and has what it takes for the next level. I sat down with CurtDaFlirt to discuss his musical upbringing and where he plans to take his career next.

ReddRoxx: Let’s start out by telling the people who you are:

CurtDaFlirt: To start, thanks for having me. Well all my friends and family call me Curt, but CurtDaFlirt was a name given to me in about seventh or eighth grade by a few friends that called me a ladies’ man, so I ran with it. Anyways, I’m a songwriter, singer, rap artist and somewhat of a producer.

RR: Ladies’ man huh? I guess that will definitely explain the name (laughs). So now that we know how you got your name, that leads us into my next question: how did you get started in music?

CDF: All my life I’ve been into church with my family and singing in choirs. But watching my brothers’ and sister’s growth in music encouraged me to see what I could do, so after I graduated high school, I bought my own studio equipment and went from there.

RR: Being that you grew up in a musically-rooted family, how have you seen Buffalo’s music scene transition throughout the years?

CDF: I feel like Buffalo’s always had a rich heritage when it comes to the music. G.O.A.T.s like Lucky Peterson & Rick James are from our area. Musicians like Rodney Appleby and Jerry Livingston have their roots here in Buffalo. Plus on the gospel scene, Aretha Franklin and Bessie Patterson continue to sing and minister in this area.

RR: You seem like you definitely know the musical history of the area, which is refreshing. Now in regards to your own music, I read that you started your own label? Tell us a little more about it.

CDF: Yes, TPCMG, which stands for The Paper Chasers Music Group. We have four very talented artists and they each bring something different to the table.

Myself, Dre a.k.a (Drizzi) who’s our producer/engineer, Derrick (Dez) has a great old school vibe and is also our photographer and videographer, Mark Cook (Kid Cook) is of the nicest spitters in the town, if you ask me, and last but not least Aaron (Grade_A), who is not much of a rapper but he is an original member from day one who’s focused on his school and basketball dreams.

RR: That’s a very great combination of talent! What led to the decision to start your own label?

CDF: To tell you the truth, I honestly just saw a lot of talent in my inner circle that wasn’t being used. So I took it upon myself to start something that could eventually become a big thing for our city with the proper support system.

RR: That was a smart move. Now speaking of having a proper support system, what are your thoughts on the local music scene?

CDF: I like a good amount of our city’s local talent for the most part – I just don’t feel our city supports our local talent like they should. But I think part of the problem with that is everybody wants to rap these days and the more popular you are, the better your support will be.

RR: Makes sense. There’s definitely more support needed—I can agree with you there. As artists, supporting one another is essential as well, so with that being said, what other artists would you co-sign from the city?

CDF: Hmmm… I would have to say I like JaeSkeese’s music, my homie Jrey Ca$h, GoGev, Swagg Nu’wavea and MileHigh Muzik – there’s a lot of talent here; I can’t name everyone (laughs).

RR: That’s fair—I really haven’t had a chance to work with anyone you’ve mentioned yet, but I look forward to doing so in the near future. Back to your movement, you’ve had the opportunity to perform some of your work. Which would you say were your most memorable performances?

CDF: I would have to say performing at SoundLab would be my most memorable because I performed with a good friend of mine named Swagg Nu’wavea and a lot of our fans came out and showed love, and the vibe was amazing.

RR: Sounds like it was amazing—I would love to come check you out. Are you planning any upcoming performances?

CDF: Yes I am. I’m just looking for some promoters at the time.

RR: Cool, definitely keep me posted! Do you have any music available for purchase or download, and if so, where?

CDF: Yes I do. None for sale, but I do have some for download on SoundCloud.


RR: I was able to check out your SoundCloud—and you have a lot of music out right now—but are you working on any new projects currently?

CDF: Other than finishing up tracks with other local artists, we have a group mixtape we’re working on that should be out early next year. I have a solo mixtape that should be dropping hopefully around Christmas called “The Curtain Call” and my label-mate Kid Cook is finishing up his solo mixtape called “Welcome To Cooklyn.”

RR: Dope! Keep me updated on all of your releases. So far I’ve asked you about the local music scene both past and present, but what are you thoughts on music today in general?

CDF: I believe music today in general needs something new….something like US, TPCMG (laughs). But honestly, I feel as though there’s too much music about money, cars and clothes. Where’s the music I can relate to more? Not saying I don’t like or make some of the money and clothes music, I just feel like it needs to be limited. Bring out the music that tells a story and deals with situations that everybody’s been through.

RR: I can respect that. There is definitely more party music these days than what was called “rider music”, the music that you can just vibe out to and relate to. Being an ‘80s baby I get that. Even though music isn’t necessarily going in the direction that you’d like to see it go in, if you had the opportunity to work with any artist, who would it be?

CDF: This is tough but I would actually want to work with Jhene Aiko—I feel like we would kill something together.

RR: Interesting! I think that’s a perfect place to leave things for now – let the people know how they can get in contact with you.

CDF: You can always find me on Twitter, Facebook, or by email.

RR: Cool, before you go, leave us with one of your favorite quotes.

CDF:  Reach for the stars, that way if you fall you’ll land on a cloud…


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