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Date on Purpose to launch at the Lafayette

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

Over the last couple years, Buffalo has fallen in love with start-up businesses. Now, there’s an opportunity to follow a start-up in order to fall in love.

Date on Purpose—a dating auction website founded by Frank Gullo—will hold its debut event at 7 p.m. Oct. 18 at the Hotel at the Lafayette, 391 Washington St., Buffalo. Tickets for the auction night run for $45 in advance (snag them here) or $60 at the door, but admission includes “heavy” hors d’oeuvres and a two-hour open bar.

Before the event, an online auction runs through 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 13—and the winning bidder earns the luxury of spending an hour of exclusivity with their ‘date’ at the Oct. 18 event at the Lafayette (note: this isn’t quite like “seven minutes in heaven”—I mean, I suppose it could be, but we’d suggest waiting until after out of respect for the comfort of everyone else).

While the minimum bid is $100, each winning bidder will receive free admission to the Lafayette event—including the two-hour open bar, food and the chance to woo the lovely lady or lass (I realize it’s not 1920 anymore). There are currently six bachelorettes vying for your attention as well as five bachelors. You must create an account through Date on Purpose in order to bid on one of these 11.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the Oct. 18 event—other than watching the magic of true love at work, of course, is a Live Local Singles Auction featuring Buffalo.com’s Katie (who does in fact “love love” as well as giraffes) and a 26-year-old news reporter named Jason. The public can bid on a date with either of the two local media celebrities—who are both compassionate and dashing, respectively.

You can read Katie’s Date on Purpose bio here (she’s pictured to the right), and then Jason’s here.

Half of the proceeds benefits Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, as the dating start-up’s mission is as charitable as it is a support of local small business and a more familiar avenue to love.

“Date on Purpose is part of the growing social entrepreneurial movement,” Gullo said in a release. “But it’s also fundamentally about Buffalo—all the Buffalo singles who put themselves up for bid and all the local companies and freelancers who worked so hard to make this happen.”

For further information on Date on Purpose, you can check out the business’ website, Facebook page or tweet at them at @DateOnPurpose. You can see video introductions here at Date on Purpose’s YouTube channel.

(Interior photo courtesy of Date on Purpose’s website, while header photo is from Flickr / Coolcal211).

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