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Datsik returns Vortex to Land of the Polar Vortex - VIDEO

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To keep his take on dub-step relevant despite the finicky, fleeting stages of electronic music, Datsik has eagerly reinvented himself.

Last year it was Datsik’s Vortex, a live-performance, video-and-lighting contraption designed by V-Squared Labs, that captivated dance music fans from tour stop to tour stop.

Read our interview with Datsik last year for a quick refresher.

When dub-step artist Troy Beetles—Datsik’s real name—bops into Buffalo for a show at 8 tonight, he’ll showcase an improved version of the Vortex, one that’s even more predicated on the capabilities of light. Purchase tickets online for $29 or at the door for the same cost.

The show invites two openers as well in Atlanta’s HeRobust and Los Angeles’ Getter.

To distinguish themselves from their peers—and in digital music, those peers are seemingly limitless—electronica artists have committed to being a step ahead in technology to augment both their musical production and the experience for fans at their live shows. 

From a piece written by the Allentown Morning Call’s Alan Sculley, here’s the artist’s breakdown of the present version of the Vortex, entitled the Vortex Lumen:

“Basically there’s a whole Vortex concept behind it. [It’s like] if you picture a funnel, but tilted toward the crowd with the big end facing the crowd, and we have a projector in the front projecting images all around and beside me. Then we have a projector behind the Vortex that’s shining through a thin piece of lycra, which is like this see-through white material, so it looks seamless. It looks like I’m standing in this tunnel of light, and the light is actually hitting me because of the way we designed it. So it’s really trippy. It’s a really interesting experience.”

The sound quality isn’t exceptional, but Jason Barak Handel’s YouTube video gives you a glimpse:

Choosing his Xbox Live name to double as his stage identity, Datsik has produced four EPs, one LP and one full-length album, “Vitamin D,” since rising into the limelight in 2009.

Oh, and that September 2013 LP? It’s free to download on SoundCloud, and it’s embedded immediately below (warning: language may be considered offensive):


For more information on Datsik, you can visit his website through Firepower Records or his Facebook page.

(Images included are from Datsik’s Facebook page, which is linked to immediately above. The image of Datsik standing against the wall is from MSM Photography’s Teaghan McGinnis).


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