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Dr. Dog howls at Town Ballroom tonight - VIDEOS

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Buffalo welcomes indie band Dr. Dog at an opportune time in the group’s musical journey.

The six-member band from Philadelphia, Penn., personally built a new studio prior to releasing its October 2013 album, “B-Room,” and has heightened its focus on a “live” feel in its seventh full-length record.

Dr. Dog will perform at 7 tonight with mysterious special guests at Town Ballroom, 681 Main St., Buffalo.

Tickets are $20 at the door or can be purchased via Tickets.com here.

The band—which The Buffalo News’ Jeff Miers designates as “hippie-soul”—isn’t without its quirks. For instance, each of the band’s six members owns a nickname beginning with the letter “T.”

Here’s a brief segment from Miers’ piece:

The group’s most recent effort, “B-Room,” revealed a maturity that belies the band members’ tender ages, and brought a loose, rollicking sense of spontaneity to the Dr. Dog formula.

So, if you want to seem particularly acquainted with the band—with the ever-present danger of being judged as a rabid fan-boy or fan-girl—you can call the artists by their monikers below:

**Scott “Taxi” McMicken on lead guitar
**Toby “Tables” Leaman on bass guitar
**Zach “Text” Miller on keyboard
**Eric “Teach” Slick on drums
**Frank “Thanks” McElroy on rhythm guitar
**Dimitri “Tucson” Manos on multiple instruments

If you want to read a stellar interview with Leaman, who talks at length about the band’s new studio, the first time he head the Beach Boys and a little about horrible tour food, read this Artvoice interview by Cory Perla.

Then, watch these videos below for a taste of what’ll be on Town Ballroom’s stage tonight.

The first two are off “B-Room,” the final is a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR’s home base, which is pretty sick.

(Photos are courtesy of Dr. Dog’s Facebook page).

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