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Dustin Lynch is ready to rock Buffalo - INTERVIEW

Photo courtesy of Dustin Lynch

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Dustin Lynch maybe be known for his baby-blue eyes, but this Tennessee native is about to make a big splash when it comes to his music.

With an album coming out at the end of summer and a debut single (Cowboys & Angels) that is quickly taking over country radio, things are looking good for the WYRK Taste of Country opener.

After renting an apartment behind Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Lynch would stroll into the spot several times a week to listen and learn about the mysterious art of creating songs from some of Nashville’s most important writers.

Some of country music most influential composers have called Bluebird their home at one point or another and Lynch knew that was the place for him to be. So far, it looks like that decision has been panning out.

While he was stuck in traffic on the road, I chatted with Lynch about his upcoming, sold-out show in Buffalo on June 1 at Coca-Cola field. We talked about songwriting, buying an Eli Young Band shirt back in the day and how he takes his wings—hot and dangerous. But most importantly ladies, he is single.

So tell us how you originally got started in music?

Dustin Lynch: I grew up south of Nashville and wanted to get into songwriting. I first got on stage in high school and fell in love with the songwriting process. So I graduated and wanted to move to Nashville to write. I went to a school, David Lipscomb University, that was two miles from Bluebird.

That’s where it really all started. I met other writers in Nashville after college and kept trying to soak it all in. I would just come home and practice and over the years and kept writing.

Where did you find inspiration for “She Cranks My Tractor?” That’s a fun track.

DL: I came up with that one at the gym. I would love to say it was a crazy story from one of my buddies, but it hit me at the gym. I wrote it down in my phone while I was there. I was writing another song with my producer, Brett Beavers and midway through the song I said it in conversation.

It was one of those things where we both looked at each other and he said, ‘we can go there if you’d like.’ It’s a fun song about a wild and crazy time. It’s a country boy’s dream and a great line.

What can you tell us about your “Tuesdays on the DL” video series?

DL:  I started it actually at my inaugural show with Dierks Bentley on New Years of 2011. It started as a weekly series and now we’re doing it every other week since we’ve been so busy. It’s a way to keep people posted on what we’re doing.

We shoot it on stage, in restaurants, anywhere I can check in and keep in touch with fans. I love that part of what I do—all the new faces and the new places.

So you are coming to Buffalo on June 1st alongside some big hitters like Eric Church, Joe Nichols, & Eli Young Band.

DL: I’m super excited for this show. I’m already a big fan of Buffalo. I saw a picture of Coca-Cola field today, because I always look up venues before I play them. it’s going to be a crazy time. WYRK’s been so great with playing “Cowboys and Angels” a ton.

Have you met any of the guys you’ll be playing alongside before?

DL: I met Eli Young Band in ‘04 when I was new here. There must have been only five people in the room I was playing at. But I met them and even bought one of their t-shirts at their show. Somebody stole it from me or I lost it though. It’s an antique.

It would have been cool to wear it at the Buffalo show. It’s crazy to think I met those guys then and now I’ll be sharing a stage with them.

You just released your debut single, “Cowboys & Angels” in January, but it looks like you’ve already been getting some major airtime.

DL: The greatest thing about “Cowboys & Angels” as a songwriter and a performer is the power of country radio. As a songwriter, when I wrote it I know it was put into my life for a reason. As a performer, it really is the greatest reward to go all over the country doing shows. It feels amazing.

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

DL: I’m going in to finish my album, actually on the day after my birthday. How great of a present is that. Finishing an album for your birthday. But I’ll just be finishing the songs and it’s going to come out at the end of summer. Going all over the country is going to be a fun experience. I can be anywhere. I love traveling and getting to meet people from different radio stations and fans.

A few readers were curious, asking is there was any special lady in Dustin Lynch’s life or if he’s single. Care to comment?

DL: I am single. Definitely single. I really don’t have time for a relationship since I’m on the road so much. I’m sure we would find out quickly how tough that could be.

Being on tour, can you share any funny stories from the road?

DL: There has got to be several. We got stopped playing once. The cops showed up to a sound check and said we were too loud. The place had shows every weekend so I don’t know why they decided to show up that time.

They gave the sound guy a ticket. That was kind of crazy. It was only sound check! I guess the old lady who called it in complained about the noise. She must have fallen asleep by the time the show started.

What has been your favorite song to perform on stage?

DL: It’s got to be “Cowboys & Angels” with country radio playing it now. Although, “She Cranks My Tractor” is one of the crowds favorites. I love that one too because I get to run around on stage. It’s fun.

Since you’re coming to Buffalo, how do you take your wings?

DL: You know, I’m getting better at the Buffalo wing thing. I had some mild ones last week and they didn’t do it for me, so I went with the hot wings. I guess with all this traveling, I’ve gotten used to them being more spicy and dangerous.

Finally, what are your favorite songs to sing in the shower?

DL: [laughs] What a question! They would have to be “Blue Clear Sky” by George Strait, “Pickup Man” by Joe Diffie and anything by Mel McDaniel. I’m on top of his songs in the shower.

You can catch Dustin Lynch next month at the WYRK Taste of Country, alongside Eric Church, Joe Nichols, Eli Young Band and Casey James.



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