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Fall Bar Crawl, Fall Barl Crawl, Fall Ball Crawl

Photo from Save the Boobies bar crawl by Chuck Alaimo

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Try saying “Fall Bar Crawl” out loud five times fast.  It’s really difficult!  I always end up saying “ball” in the middle.  I was never that strong with my “r”s anyhow. 

The Buffalo Entertainment District has conserved energy since the Save the Boobies crawl in June and the spring crawl in April —you’ll want to browse through those photo gallery links for a reminder in case you were a little hazy at the time.  Plus, for outdoor-themed bars like Skybar, Friday night’s crawl marks one of the closing bashes of the summer.  Hey, the air will be frigid before you know it!  Even more reason to attend.

As usual, it’s $10 to participate in the Chippewa Street festivities, and tickets can be ordered ahead of time to avoid the lengthy line Friday.  If you’d rather purchase a ticket at the event, only cash is accepted.  Registration opens at 8 p.m., but the event begins to pick up steam at 10 or 11. 

Each attendee receives a bundle of free gear—the souvenir stein, the wristband for free cover at all participating bars (shame on those who aren’t!) and a scorecard to tally your progress.  The bars present three $3 specials each—but don’t overdo it with 4Play’s Redbull Rounds ($15 for four shots + 2 Red Bulls), or you might end up like this guy.  The money supports the Buffalo Entertainment District, the folks who work to keep Chippewa clean, safer and more attractive. 

Another delightful introduction: Prima Pizza is a new sponsor, and they’re offering a $4 special—two slices—to crawlers (not literally, because the floor of pizza places isn’t the most sanitary place in the city.)  Hopefully, the munchies will help provide energy for the intensely drunk girls at 1:50 of the promo video!

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