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Fathers, hide your middle-aged daughters: Motley Crue comes to Darien Lake on July 22

Motley Crue bring their talents to Darien Lake in July.

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

You may know them as reality TV show stars, best-selling authors, or the stars of romantic home movies, but guess what - Motley Crue is a band, too.  Seriously! “Shout At The Devil” was actually a pretty good album.  Then, of course, the heroin got in the way.  But still! 

The Crue will hit town with fellow 1980s glam-rockers Poison on Friday, July 22 at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center (I love that name, by the way, as though Broadway shows, opera performances, and modern dance exhibitions are part of the Darien Lake cultural palette.  But we love you, DL!).  Some of the highlights to be expected include:

- A set list determined entirely by fan voting.  That’s right, they’re playing “Kickstart My Heart” six times!  These same fans apparently voted to have Poison as the band’s tour partner.  Really, fans? 

- Drummer Tommy Lee will unveil his massive…drum kit!  Lee will reportedly be launched into “multiple loops” on his 360-degree roller coaster drum kit as he performs.  It’s all about the music!

- The set design by Robert Long will be a motif of “rock ‘n’ roll burlesque theater,” including red velvet drapes.  Delightful!

- Opening act will be The New York Dolls, which is strange, because I was 90% sure they were all dead.

Tickets start at $38, which really isn’t that bad.  If you’re into Nikki Sixx, roller coasters, and chunky dudes in leather, this should be an amazing show.

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