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Filmmaker looks to Buffalo as setting for new movie

Photo by Gina Gandolfo, via IMDB.

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Jenna Ricker has her eyes set on Buffalo as the backdrop for her new film, and she’s not quite sure why other filmmakers aren’t also flocking to the Queen City.

“When I first visited, my eyes were bugging out of my head because I couldn’t believe more filmmakers weren’t using this town,” Ricker, a California native, said in a Buffalo Business First interview.

The article adds that Ricker, who co-wrote “The American Side” with Greg Stuhr of Eden, will direct the film. She’s cast a few big names for the film, too, including Janeane Garofalo and Matthew Broderick. Ricker also wants to employ some locals, including the likes of Jim Kelly and Rick Jeanneret. Still, she needs about $2.5 million to get the project started.

“When I bring movie directors to town their surprised at the abundance of great old buildings we have here,” Western New York Film Commissioner Tim Clark said in a WKBW interview.


Photo by Gina Gandolfo, via IMDB.

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