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Foo Fighters to christen First Niagara Center Sunday

Photo of Foo Fighters tour from their Facebook page

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

It’s time to christen the First Niagara Center with its first major rock concert, and the Foo Fighters are a solid choice.  In the biggest show the venue has seen since Lady Gaga in March, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and his cast of characters stampede into the FN Center for a Sunday evening show (7 p.m., tickets range from $27 to $47). 

The Foo Fighters are touring in support of their most critically-acclaimed album, Wasting Light, which debuted at #1 in a dozen countries and earned a four-star review from Rolling Stone.  Grohl, while lacking the cult status of former band-mate Kurt Cobain, still has an impressive following in the rock world.

Now that press releases aren’t all that cool anymore, the band released a video to promote their album launch.  It involves a truckstop, a hot shower and substantial male nudity, so I didn’t watch, but apparently it’s wild. 

Like any true rocker, Grohl is not without a little controversy, and his little dust-up with Ryan Murphy from Glee is a good example.  For the most part, Grohl handled the situation in classic gruff nature, rebuffing Glee’s request to use Foo Fighters’ music and dropping a few obscenities along the way.  When Murphy asked if he could use our content, we responded in near-identical fashion. 

Grohl isn’t a total media jerk, however, as he’s appearing in The Muppets (theatres Nov. 23) movie for Disney.  Rumors that he’ll assume the voice of Gonzo are thus far unsubstantiated. 

In scanning the Web for personal accounts of Foo Fighters shows, Wordpress blog “Sounds Like Work” lends an affirming, if slightly biased take.  “Dave Grohl’s living the dream, in every sense of the word, and that, more than anything else, is why I’ll go see the Foo Fighters whenever possible,” Adam Brady, the Toronto music blogger writes.  “[I’ll take] the opportunity to watch maybe the one person I know in the world who’s truly, truly in their element all of the time, comfortable, successful and damn good at what they do.” 

That, to me, sounds like a worthy reason to see Grohl and the Foo Fighters in action.

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