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Moog put sound synthesizers on the map—a map that includes key locations in Western New York.

Robert Moog founded R.A. Moog Co. in 1953. The company, later known as Moog Music, moved from its Trumansburg, N.Y., location to Williamsville. It relocated to Cheektowaga in 1976. In 1977, Moog left his own company. The company is currently located in North Carolina.

Here’s a brief history of the Moog synthesizer, which revolutionized popular music.

In honor of Moog (it would be his 78th birthday, but he passed away in 2005), Google has dedicated today’s doodle to this pioneer of audio synthesizing. Here’s what Google software engineer had to say about Moog:

“With his passion for high-tech toolmaking in the service of creativity, Bob Moog is something of a patron saint of the nerdy arts and a hero to many of us here. So for the next 24 hours on our homepage, you’ll find an interactive, playable logo inspired by the instruments with which Moog brought musical performance into the electronic age.”

Play around with the interactive Google creation here.

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