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Guitar hero Ted Nugent slated to perform at the Erie County Fair tonight

Get ready to wango tango with the Motor City Madman himself.

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Legendary rocker Ted Nugent isn’t afraid to speak his mind—in fact, unless you’re a hard-right-leaning Republican with a steely grip on your Second Amendment rights, you probably want old Ted to shut up. The brilliant musician behind such legitimate entries in the hard rock canon like “Stranglehold,” “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Wango Tango,” “Great White Buffalo” and many others is also a popular hunter, talk show host and political commentator, and he’s not afraid to voice his opinion on anything.

Nugent has been a fringe topic during the current presidential election season, weighing in just this week with bold remarks like “...on important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good. It is really that stark,” and praising Paul Ryan—a fellow bow-hunter—for eschewing hunting season to run for vice-president on the Romney ticket, noting “Paul Ryan just gave up the only 2012 rut that he will ever have access to, to do the right thing for America. And though that may be dismissed and pooh-poohed by the non bowhunters amongst us, believe me as his blood brother, I know that he has given up his entire 2012 hunting season.”

Even those who despise his beliefs have to admit that the proud Michigander is usually pretty damn entertaining—and that goes double onstage. The Motor City Madman brings the Great White Buffalo tour to the Buffalo.com Grandstand for a 7:30 p.m. show tonight at the Erie County Fair. Tickets start at $30. Opening the show is Laura Wilde. This will not be a performance for sensitive-types! Expect flag-waving, ass-kicking, fire and flames and a night of outstanding classic rock.

Photo from TedNugent.com.


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