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YelaWolf hits up Town Ballroom on Wednesday

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Halloween spirit for Saturday night

It is your civic duty to celebrate Halloween, citizens.

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What to do, what to do—while I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ride out the first blasts of Frankenstorm tonight with a six-pack and the remote control dancing between Game Three of the World Series and the highly-anticipated Notre Dame-Oklahoma football showdown, many of you may actually have social lives. Here are some choice options for Halloween-related festivities in the area this evening.

The Baizoinker Ball Part IX (Coles,1104 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo). Want to hang out with a bunch of weirdos on the third floor at Coles? The Baizoinker Ball has you covered. This little gathering will include music by freaky-deaky favorites Rhubarb, funk / soul minstrels Smackdab and the smooth sounds of the Chillharmonic Orchestra featuring Buffalo turntable legends DJ Cutler and Anthony “Tone Atlas” DiGesare. The boys in Rhubarb report that there will be “...costume contest, booze and musical surprises,” as well as an emphasis on HalloWEEN. Expect a little chocolate and cheese, gang. Tickets are $8. The party starts at 9 p.m.

Buffalo’s Biggest Halloween Party (Town Ballroom, 681 Main St., Buffalo). I guarantee you this: people will be dressing out like champs at this one. 92.9 JACK-FM is sponsoring this popular Halloween throwdown and is offering $1,000 for the best costume and $500 for the sexiest costume. Looks like it’s time for me to roll out the ol’ mankini. Seriously, to paraphrase Jigsaw, there will be skin. There will also be booze. Tickets are $20 at the door and the sexy, sexy festivities begin at 9 p.m.

Central Terminal candlelight tour and ghost hunt (Central Terminal, 495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo). Imagine walking through the darkened, echoing corridors of an abandoned train station, with a single thin candle illuminating your path. You hear a noise—is it wildlife? An ax-wielding maniac? A ghost with a vendetta? It’s getting closer…you start to hurry…you turn the corner and IT’S YOUR MOM. Stay with the group, lady! Anyhow, the Central Terminal is an architectural wonder and we are all pleased it has not been reduced to rubble, but I can’t think of many scarier places after dark—candle or no candle. There is also a public ghost hunt tonight at 9 p.m.—if you find one, good luck. Tickets are $20 and tours run hourly until 9 p.m.

Halloween @ Hamlin House III (432 Franklin St., Buffalo). Free beer. That’s right, free beer. Well, that’s night entirely true—you do have to purchase a ticket. That admission fee gets you complimentary food (at the home of Buffalo’s best fish fry, no less), costume contests, lots of creepy ambiance and music from the nationally recognized, up-and-coming house / d’n'b duo The Manhattan Project as well as the aforementioned free beer. Also expect an appearance from the apparently double-booked DJ Cutler. Tickets are $20 and the party starts at 8 p.m.

Niagara SPCA Zombie Fest (SPCA Niagara, 200 Lockport Road, Niagara). Given the fact that some pretty horrible things happened at SPCA Niagara in recent years, one would not be blamed for hoping that some zombie dogs and cats show up on the front doorsteps of certain disgraced individuals. However, under new leadership and tighter oversight, SPCA Niagara is back on the righteous path—and now would be a great time to show support for the new administration (as well as those needy animals) because the organization is suffering from a serious operating deficit. Plus, this looks like a pretty scary party (scary in a good way). The grown-up portion of this event begins at 6 p.m.

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YelaWolf hits up Town Ballroom on Wednesday

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