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Happy birthday, Frederick Law Olmsted - PHOTOS

South Park, Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens vintage postcard

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Happy 191st birthday, Frederick Law Olmsted, famed landscape architect responsible for designing the city of Buffalo, with gorgeous sprawling parks and parkways connecting the city’s neighborhoods.

Olmsted not only worked in Buffalo, but he is the man to thank for Manhattan’s sprawling Central Park, and Cornell and Standford’s campuses.

Today, his designs are the settings for films, marriage proposals and, of course, impromptu Instagram photo shoots. To honor this legend on the anniversary of his birth, bask in the beauty of his designs captured digitally and shared on Instagram:

Central Park
Photo credit: joshchang / Instagram

Central Park
Photo credit: umeemu / Instagram

Delaware Park Japanese Garden
Delaware Park
Photo credit:  buffalony (Kevin Rybczynski) / Instagram

Liz - central park 1
Central Park
Photo credit: newyorkcity (Liz) / Instagram

liz central park 2
Central Park
Photo credit: newyorkcity (Liz) / Instagram

sam sesame street central park
Central Park
Photo credit: samhorine (Sam Horine) / Instagram

stanford university
Stanford University
Photo credit: thechee / Instagram

Top photo of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens courtesy of the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, via the New York Heritage digital collections.

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  1. Tara Tompson April 24, 2014 @ 3:33pm

    Architect’s a truly artists. I love seeing amazing building when I’m driving down the street. There is so much pride to be taken in designing such beautiful and practical things.

    Tara |  http://www.earlytimeshomesolutions.com

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