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Voldemort- The most evil and arguably the stupidest villain of all time. Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

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Before I ruffle the feathers of countless Potter fanatics across the country, I’d like to point out that I’m no slouch when it comes to worshipping the “boy who lived.” Until last night, when I watched the final installment of the film series depicting J.K. Rowling’s young hero, I was under the impression that I knew quite a bit about Harry and his pals.  Despite the thrilling nature of the two-hour feature film, I must admit that I was frequently reduced to scratching my head in confusion.  That is why I extend a request to you, the fans, to help me sort through my Harry Potter bemusement.

Most of my confusion comes from a short stretch of film immediately following Snape’s murder at the hands of his supposed master. The first piece which left me utterly perplexed was just before the showdown between Potter and Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. 

As Potter is venturing into the forest, he manages to unlock the Resurrection Stone from the golden ball bequeathed to him by his mentor, Albus Dumbledore.  At this point in time, many of Potter’s fallen comrades appear as apparitions and give him some positive encouragement.  All I could think to myself was, if the stone was so powerful, why can’t Potter just resurrect his parents and their friends?  I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too far into it.  Then, Potter drops the stone on the ground and proceeds deeper into the forest to confront his fate with the Dark Lord. Wait, why wouldn’t he bring the stone with him?

When Harry walks into the clearing in which Voldemort and his followers are waiting for him, he is almost immediately assaulted by a killing spell, dropping Potter and his attacker instantaneously.  After a brief dream where Harry spends a few minutes with Dumbledore in a ravishing remake of King’s Cross Station, we are transported back to the present where a reeling Voldemort is regaining his vertical stance.  At this point, it is still questionable whether or not Harry is dead, so Mrs. Malfoy is sent over to inspect.  Potter clearly moves, reassuring fans that he is indeed alive.  Despite obvious movements, Narcissa Malfoy reports that Harry is in fact dead, which as we know, is quite contrary to the truth.  Has Mrs. Malfoy betrayed Voldemort by claiming Potter’s death even though she knows he is alive, or is she simply incapable of checking for vitals? 

Before I go any further I have to wonder, did Potter die and resurrect, or simply not die at all?  If it is the former, then how was he able to do so considering the resurrection stone was at least a few hundred feet behind him in the forest? If it was the latter, then the piece of Voldemort living inside of him would actually never have died.  Confused?  Me too, reaffirming my previous point.

Finally, the movie cuts to a scene featuring Voldemort leading his team of Death Eaters to the castle to announce Potter’s death to his enemies.  But wait, Potter is being carried by Hagrid?  How is this tactic even fathomable from an evil wizard who is hell bent on pain and destruction.  Voldemort himself has been resurrected from the dead on multiple occasions, yet he doesn’t find it necessary to thoroughly inspect the body of his mortal enemy?  Seems like a rather elementary mistake to me.  And who let Hagrid carry Potter? His body should have been shackled, or even dismembered, not gently carried by his only ally in the group.  Hold on, what was Hagrid even doing there in the first place?  I realize he was tied up but I can’t imagine why they would keep him around; he certainly wouldn’t know any information worthy of obtaining via torture. Call me a cynic, but these are the types of mistakes expected from a petty criminal with a drug problem, not the most dastardly villain in the history of fiction.

In conclusion, the movie was great and I’m sure with a few pointers from the Potter faithful, the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will make a great deal more sense.

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