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Jeremy Jermaine Jerome brings ‘Close to Extinct’ to Buffalo - INTERVIEW

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“Everyday I’m fighting to be known,” Jeremy Jermaine Jerome said in an interview with Buffalo.com Wednesday. “And that’s fine because I want to earn it, and I want to work even harder for it. Buffalo is probably the greatest battleground to do that.”

And yet, Buffalo native “JJJ”—under new alias Just Ending Now—has recently become something of a staple in the city’s music scene.

With a style that combines elements of avant-garde, hip-hop and industrial as well as lyrical influences ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers front-man Anthony Kiedis to rapper Ghostface Killah and to singer-songwriter Fiona Apple, Just Ending Now’s musical output is as eclectic as it is unshakable.

“My biggest goal is not to be compared to anybody else,” JJJ said. “I’m here to create conversations.”

Just Ending Now made its debut in 2011 with the album “NAN” and accompanying single “Gangster of Hysteria,” which buffaBLOG described as “what you would get if you took the music from one of the creepy temples from The Legend of Zelda and put it underneath some overdriven boom-bap drums.”

With the release of “NAN,” JJJ’s penchant for film making took a key role with the release of “Integrate,” a short video to accompany the song of the same name.

just ending now - integrate from Mccombs on Vimeo.

These projects were followed by the unveiling of Just Ending Now’s second release, “Weapon: Canonization” and the locally-produced short film, “——-,” both released in 2012.

According to JJJ, the third Just Ending Now album is currently in the works, and a new short film is expected to begin production soon.

Labeled “the turning point for humanity” on the event’s Facebook page, JJJ’s latest venture in the battleground of Buffalo, entitled “Close to Extinct,” takes place from 8 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday at DNIPRO Ukranian Center (562 Genesse St).

Alongside a Just Ending Now performance, artists Scantron, Scyheed and Timmy will also take the stage while Max Collins and Mickey Harmon will have pieces of their art on display.

“This is such a special event,” Jeremy Jermaine Jerome said. “I feel very fortunate to have a group of people that have all gravitated toward each other and gained each other’s respects.”


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