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Jimmy Fallon talks sport and technology with Nike - VIDEO

Jimmy Fallon

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Flying in from New York City strictly to moderate a panel, Jimmy Fallon oversaw questions for the Digital Sport session at SXSW last week.

Questions were directed to track and field Olympic athlete Allyson Felix, Vice President of Digital Sport at Nike Stefan Olander, EA Sports’ Andrew Wilson and General Manager at VEVO Fred Santarpia. Although Fallon’s presence at SXSW wasn’t announced until days before the session, attendees and panelists alike were excited about the positive addition.

Fallon opened up the session with a witty commet about his attendance. “When you think of great figures in music, sports and technology, a few names come to mind. I, Jimmy Fallon am not one of those names. So what am I doing here? I thought I was here to see The Magnetic Fields,” he said.

The panel talked about the use of social in the sports world. From professional athletes to someone looking to stay fit, staying connected through social media and technology can really help. It is really changing the way we play.

After the discussion an audience member challenged Fallon to a race, to test of out the new Nike Fuel bands talked about by Olander. He accepted and we got a great video of the “race.” Check out how it went down below in the video.

@jimmyfallon racing down the #sxsport aisle to test the @nikeplus Fuel Band. #sxsw

Mar 11, 2012 | Source: Keek.com


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