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Kids Reenact: your favorite shows in toddler form

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This isn’t something that I normally admit to people, but I secretly loved MTV’s “The Hills.” To preserve my street cred, I never used to watch it when it was on at 10 p.m., but I now secretly catch reruns at any opportunity. Everyone is just so pretty, and has such an easy life, and is so stupid. What could possibly make that show better?

If your answer is babies, you’d be correct. The web series Kids Reenact has taken your favorite shows, like “The Hills,” and reenacted them using toddlers. From “The Bachelorette” to “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to “Jersey Shore,” no show is safe from the pint-sized actors.

Oddly enough, the girls of “The Hills” have the exact same conversations as toddlers as they do as grown women. The episode features the cast attending their friend Brody’s birthday party, which seems like a pretty wild affair: the club is decorated with “Cars” balloons and everyone wears party hats.

The kids of “Jersey Shore” get crazy, chugging from Mott’s apple juice boxes and flirting promiscuously at the club (“What’s your favorite color?”), then heading home to perform such dirty deeds as playing trucks.

Kids Reenact is hilarious but also makes you realize that the shows you watch are at the same intelligence level as a four-year-old. To catch reenactments of your favorite shows in miniature form, tune into babelgum.com.

photo courtesy of mtv.com

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