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Stiletto Run: it's not about the race, it's about the party.

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It’s one of the most enjoyable events of the summer—a few hundred runners shod in skyscraper stilettos taking off from Bidwell Park in the heart of Elmwood Village at the sound of the starting gun, beginning a delightfully wobbly procession south towards the finish line at Auburn Street. The entire “competition” (which it’s really not) only lasts about a third of a mile—which, if you’re wearing the highest of heels, or some other ab-fab footwear, is plenty—but the post-race party can stretch deep into the warm, woozy night.

The fifth annual Stiletto “Run” (the quotation marks are part of the official name) is set to take place at 7 p.m. sharp on Wednesday, June 20 beginning at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

Some things to remember (besides heel-toe, heel-toe): this tottering jaunt is not about finishing first, participants certainly are not limited to the traditional wearers of stilettos, and no one is even really expected to run.

“ALL ARE WELCOME,” the Stiletto Run website explains. “We struggled with the correct name as to not exclude those who don’t wear stilettos, or those who don’t run. In the end, it just came together best as the .5K Stiletto Run. We use the word ‘run’ loosely as we welcome all fun shoe wearers, walkers or runners—we assume most will be walking. However, true race tradition, we will award First, Second place prizes for the first two women to cross the finish line. First Place Mens, and Best Shoes will also be awarded prizes.”

If you feel your competitive fires burning like a disco inferno, keep these rules in mind:

- In order to be eligible for placing prizes, “runners” must be registered and complete the race in a shoe with a minimum heel height of 3 inches.
- Shoes may not be taped to the foot.
- Heel circumference must be a maximum of 1.25” diameter.
- No wedges.
- Heel height will be checked any one who places first, second, or third placerunners after race to qualify win.

Participants are welcome to register online—the more, the merrier—and spectators are encouraged to line the sidewalk to support the cause (as well as the shops, restaurants and bars along Elmwood Avenue). Donations are also accepted. We will see you there.

See our photos from the 2011 Stiletto Run.

Watch an awkward video our intern shot at the 2011 Stiletto Run.


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