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Laugh away that case of the Mondays

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Up-and-coming comedians join forces with seasoned entertainers today at ‘A Night of Comedy,’ the first show of the brand new Lake Effect Comedy standup series, which kicks off at 9 p.m. at Adam’s Mark Hotel, 120 Church St. in Buffalo.

The lineup of comics features funny guys that range in experience—from newbies Adam Hernandez and Jason Pomietlasz, to polished performer Tim Joyce. Kyle Turner, who has a few solid years of standup experience, will also join the crew of comics. And Chet Wild, a known name in WNY’s comedy scene, will host the show.

The show is the brainchild of Pomietlasz—kind of. He had some help coming up with the concept. The novice comic takes advantage of any and all opportunities to get on stage, but given the number of funny people in Buffalo, it can be tough to make it on stage regularly. So Pomietlasz sat down with Joyce after a Tuesday show at Nietzsche’s, and they discussed other opportunities make an audience laugh.

“He was cool. He talked about being in comedy in the ‘80s, and he gave me some good advice,” Pomietlasz said of Joyce. “I Facebooked him, we met for lunch, and he gave me the idea to go to the Adam’s Mark.”

From there, the hotel show idea blossomed. Jason began selecting comics to appear in the show, and he intentionally looked for comics with a varying styles and levels of experience.

“I chose Adam because we took comedy class together—we’re comedy bros,” Pomietlasz said of Hernandez. The two of them also record a movie-centered podcast through Buffalo.com and Audio Buffalo. “And I asked Chet to host because he’s on the scene, and he’s one of the comedians that makes me laugh—and you want a host who you think is funny. He knows how to keep a show moving.”

Joyce and Turner were shoo-ins for the show, given their experience and success in terms of audience reaction.

“The audience can expect to laugh,” Pomietlasz said. “There are different forms of humor—but it’s all funny.”

A “Night of Comedy” begins at 9 p.m. tonight. Tickets, $5, will be available at the door.

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