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Love or hate ‘em: Nickelback to play Darien Lake Wednesday

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Before you get unnaturally sweaty and infuriated about the fact I’m writing about Nickelback, just know that the Canadian rock band is hanging out for a 6:30 p.m. show Wednesday at Darien Lake. Openers in the Here and Now Tour are Bush and My Darkest Days, and tickets, ranging from $35.50 to $99.50, are available through Live Nation here.

A lot of music fans detest Nickelback; we get it. We’ve also heard the reasons why people loathe Nickelback, ranging from Chad Kroeger’s poodle-like hair and voice, repetitive guitar riffs, bland musicianship and the fact they were chosen to play the halftime show at a Thanksgiving NFL football game.

What’s funny, though, is that Nickelback’s Twitter account has a good time with the band’s haters. Browse through this Buzzfeed post on Nickelback’s interactions with fans, but here’s our favorite two:

The Village Voice’s Maura Johnston did her best to articulate why the public hates Nickelback:

Blame the…squickishness that their music induces in people; blame that terrible song for the Spider-Man reboot, or that other terrible song with Santana; blame Chad Kroeger’s goatee; blame Canada. The reasons are actually immaterial when you get right down to it, because if they weren’t in the box another artist would be; reactions to Nickelback and their much-hated ilk almost serve as a release valve, as a way for people on both sides of the media-consumer coin (this part is important!) to assert the fact that they aren’t just being fed a diet of promo-campaign materials. That loathing on such a grand scale is so culturally rare could be in large part why the reaction feels so outsized.

Judging by the giant crowd that turned out to see Seether at Buffalo Place’s Thursday at the Harbor show two weeks ago, there’s still a market for the grunge-arena rock music that Nickelback continues to churn out. According to FasterLouder.com, album sales and YouTube views are certainly on Nickelback’s side—some of these statistics are a mixture of surprising and troubling.

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