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MellowHigh drags to Buffalo on Saturday - VIDEOS

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Some bands work feverishly to clumsily veil drug-centered lyrics.

MellowHigh has little interest in making that effort—call them transparent in message, but peering through the thick cloud of smoke in their backseat is anything but.

Take the track dubbed “Yu” from the trio’s self-titled debut album for example:

I’m just tryna smoke my weed
Watch me as I’m floatin’ and I’m fallin’, never stallin’, hella awesome
Baby, I’mma give you what you need
Blowin’ on some gas in a Swisher with some hash in the middle
Dawg, I’m choking, homie, I can’t breathe

Yep—that’s about par for the course for MellowHigh, a recently-formed rap trio out of the rap conglomerate Odd Future (or OFWGKTA).

Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain will perform at 7 p.m. Saturday at Waiting Room for an After Dark Entertainment and Buffalo.com Presents show.

Tickets can be purchased for $15 in advance here or for $18 at the door. The openers include Network and Koolie High.

Before you write off MellowHigh as a motley crew of pot-smokers who blurt out the first vulgarity that enters their clouded minds, it’s worth noting that Pitchfork doled out a respectable 6.8 rating for the trio’s first album.

Here’s an excerpt from Kyle Kramer’s take:

Domo has sharpened his focus since his early days as Odd Future’s jovial, lackadaisical stoner, and recent releases—particularly Earl’s Doris— have seen him staking out a role as the group’s go-to guy for accomplished, rapidly delivered verses. Hodgy, too, has matured as a rapper, playing with more complex rhyme schemes and growing more comfortable on Left Brain’s increasingly challenging production.

In a society where offensive subject matter can easily bury creative talent, MellowHigh may get easily discredited by weed-influenced stereotypes.

The trio may not garner the buzz of Odd Future ringleader Tyler, The Creator—who came to Town Ballroom on March 20—but Domo Genesis appears to be a likeable character: he’s usually grinning or acting amusingly awkward in MellowHigh’s precious few music videos.

Here are two below—obviously the language is NSFW:

Interesting fact: While reading up on Odd Future’s sub-groups, I couldn’t help but chuckle at Sweaty Martians—the collaboration between Earl Sweatshirt and Matty Martians that has yet to take off.

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