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Even though media members rarely report on other media members, we figured we’d buck the trend.  One of Buffalo’s beloved talk show hosts, Nick Mendola of WECK 1230, has been promoted to the 12 p.m. to 3 p.m time slot from his usual 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. weeknight gig.  Apparently, more people listen to the radio in the early afternoon than later at night —at least that’s what common sense is telling us.  The change goes into effect on April 11th. 

This begs the question, then—what will the new show be called?  Mid-day Mendola?  The Not-so-late-anymore Nick Mendola?  Nick and Smelly Hound Ernie?  (I’m clearly not very good at coming up with clever names.) 

In terms of agenda, little change is expected.  Mendola will still invite guests—not solely sports figures, but a variety of notable politicians, community activists and musicians (Chris Ryndak might suggest Billy Ocean), as well as local media personalities (WNY Media’s Christopher Smith, WECK’s own Scott Wilson, and ESPN’s Tim Graham come to mind). 

As a result of Mendola’s move into the early afternoon, the syndicated Dennis Miller Show gets bumped to nights when the Yankees aren’t playing.  (Gosh, tough choice—do I listen to the guy whose jokes are lost on me 60% of the time or to a snobbish team with unfathomably deep pockets?) 

Congratulations to a guy that’s doing his best to fight a disturbing trend of negativity among Buffalo talk show hosts.  Mendola isn’t condescending or overly critical, and simply portrays himself as someone who cares about the well being of those he talks to or works with.  WECK 1230—from Brad Riter’s manifesto to a major emphasis on local content—is moving in the right direction.

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