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Miley Adds More Ink, Unclear if People Care

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The pop music world is buzzing after Miley Cyrus added her fifth tattoo - a dreamcatcher across her torso.  Miley’s father, the venerable Billy Ray Cyrus, also has a dreamcatcher weaved into a Native American Eagle tattoo on his arm; odds are strong, however, that Miley’s tattoo looks better (though we’re lacking any visual evidence - come on, Miley).  The purpose behind the tattoo?  The Cyrus family holds Cherokee roots and are heavily into Native American symbolism and tradition.

The “Hannah Montana” star, who boasted four tattoos before she turned 18 in November 2010, finally did something legal.  California law forbids minors from buying tattoos, even with parental consent.  For a star who travels as frequently as Miley, however, sneaking around state laws like this would not prove to be an obstacle.  She “can’t be tamed!” (We’ve caved to the most overused Miley Cyrus joke.)


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