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ReddRoxx Rundown: Zolo determined to make music history

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The proverbial “jack of all trades”, Zolo encompasses every sense of the saying. He practices the delicate balance of living out his dreams and doing what’s necessary to live on a daily basis. Zolo has many unique talents that he plans to use to continue to make a solid mark on the music industry. I caught up with Zolo to see what’s next for this young multi-talented artist!

ReddRoxx: Let’s start by telling the people who you are:

Zolo: My name is Alonzo Gordon. Stage name is Zolo. I am a full-time student at Buffalo State College, I major in business management and minor in hospitality administration. I am a DJ-radio personality for 91.3 WBNY and TV-film personality as well.

I have an album coming out titled “America’s Baby” and shortly after it’s released, I will be locking down my major record deal. I have my own label called Loyal & Royal Entertainment (L.R.E.), and I have two talented artists signed to my company, Lyricist and Robo.

RR: You sound like a very busy man! Big ups to you for all that you’re doing. So where are you from originally, and what brought you to Buffalo?

ZoLo: I am originally from Columbia, S.C.—so I put on for the Carolina Islands (North Carolina and South Carolina), but I represent the #716 (Buffalo) as well. I came to Buffalo to live with my mother after she got a job promotion.

RR: Well we’re happy to have you! I have some family down in the Carolinas myself. So we know what you do, where you’re from, now tell us about how you got started in music.

ZL: I play the drums, piano and DJ so I would say I’m musically inclined. I started doing music around middle school—about sixth grade. I put down the mic as a young kid to pick up the basketball and played varsity basketball all throughout high school, but I guess that musical fire in me wouldn’t go away, so I put down the ball and picked up the mic again.

RR: That’s a blessing to be talented in both music and sports! If one doesn’t work out, you have the other to fall back on which is always a good thing. The sports side is a whole different interview (laughs). Getting back to the music side of things—who would you name as your biggest musical influences?

ZL: Wale and Drake

RR: Two of my favorite artists! I’ve read the many obstacles that both have endured on their road to success. Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome in your career so far?

ZL: Yes, definitely. Trying to be a well-rounded musician isn’t easy. I make my own beats, my own flyers/posters, do my own promotional campaigns, my own videos, all that while trying to be a full-time student, working at Foot Locker and being in the Army, all at the same time in pursuit of my dreams in music.

RR: You’re probably the male version of myself! I definitely know how it is trying to reach your dreams while doing what you gotta do to live, and I also see that we have something else in common, Radio! What do you foresee as far as a career in radio?

ZL: I like to use radio to my full potential when it comes to playing my own hit records. I have five singles hitting the radio waves right now across the U.S. and I will continue to do radio as far as it‘ll take me. I look at it as just another open door that God put in my path.

RR: That’s what’s up! Reading your bio I discovered that you’re also interested in television broadcasting as well?

ZL: I tried out to be the new host of “106 & Park” when they were having auditions. I was the second-leading male after Bow Wow and Shorty Da Prince. You can view my audition tape on YouTube—it received over 120,000 views. As a result of not winning the spot, I started my own version of “106 & Park” called “Buff City Jams” where I played local music videos from local artists and videos of my own. I was the only host and it came on channel 3 every Thursday at 3 p.m. I also DJ for 91.3 WBNY and write for the newspaper called the Buffalo State Record.

RR: I definitely have to check you out on the air! Now in-between everything that you’re doing, are you currently working on any projects?

ZL: My album “America’s Baby,” which will be released very soon, is currently being looked at very closely by music executives, labels and A&Rs from major record companies.

RR:  That’s big! So with the album being currently shopped, are you planning any performances?

ZL: I have performed at Club Buffalo East, Buffalo Live and many other places in different locations, and I will be performing in the near future.

RR: Cool! Please keep me posted on future performances! In the meantime, do you currently have any music for download or purchase? If so, where?

ZL: As of right now, you can hear some of my work on YouTube on my channel “therealzolo” and you can obtain my album once it’s released.


RR: With working on your album, if you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

ZL: I would love to work with Drake, Wale, and French Montana.

RR: Those would all be great collaborations for your sound. To bring focus back to Buffalo, having been to so many places, what are your thoughts on the local music scene?

ZL: Buffalo is waiting for someone to fill that musical void to expose its hidden talent, and I plan on making it known that Buffalo has a voice and we shall be heard—I just need Buffalo to support me, just as I support Buffalo.

RR: I can agree that more support is needed for local artists. It’s clear that you are on the path to helping to put Buffalo on the map, but what are some of your short-term and long-term goals for your music career?

ZL: Short term? Finish school, finish my album. Long term? Sign my record deal.

RR: There you have it, folks! Straight and to the point! Before you go, leave us with one of your favorite quotes:

ZL: “Be loyal to the royal within you.”

Big shout out to Zolo! If you’d like to get in contact with Zolo, you can get at him on:

Instagram: @therealzolo  
Booking: 716-392-8362


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