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NERVO: A personal profile

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A girl stands on stage waiting impatiently to be noticed by the female twin DJs. She grins wildly when one of them steps away from the turntable to embrace her. They sway to the music for a moment while her twin counterpart brings the headphones up to her ear and mixes smoothly into the next track. The girl steps down from the stage and the two DJs raise their arms up in an almost synchronized motion. The crowd erupts with screams for more and a girl dances with a hot pink poster board with a message written in glitter meant just for the NERVO girls, “Love you Mim and Liv”.

Factory Nightlife brought the Nervo twins, Olivia and Miriam Nervo, to perform in Buffalo at PURE Nightclub this past December. I was given the wonderful opportunity to personally interview Miriam, otherwise known as Mim.

Born in Melbourne, Australia and after spending most of their time growing up in London, the girls consider both places home. Before becoming internationally known DJs and professional producers, they began modeling at the age of sixteen. From that point, their songwriting abilities and love for electronic music sparked their journey to where they are today.

“We always sang and played piano but our passion was deep in the club scene. So naturally we loved merging the two,” Mim explained.

Their passion translated effervescently during their performance. “We love playing house music,” she said. Specifically, “electro house, tech house, and deep house records.”

Curious as to what music they use as a muse, I asked her what genres they listen to in their downtime and perhaps seek inspiration for during production. “Definitely M83, Air, Zero 7, Avicii and Afrojack”. In addition to being an inspiration, Mim and Liv have also done some collaboration efforts with Afrojack.

The Nervo twins also toured with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj on the Femme Fatale tour this past summer. I asked her about the experience of opening for two prominent female names in the music business. “We were flattered to be asked and loved every second of it. It was very different to anything we had done in the past as we’re used to playing at festivals and clubs. But it was an amazing experience and we’re so happy we did it. And yes, seeing Britney and Nicki everyday was still a trip out. We’re big fans of both ladies and respect what they do immensely.”

I was curious about their outlook on American shows and festivals after growing up going to EDM shows in Europe, which I would consider ‘living the dream’.

“We’ve grown up on Aussie festivals so we may be biased but I think Australia really encouraged electro bands as well as DJs, so the Australian festivals have more of an indie vibe,” she explained. “In Australia we have a few warehouse rave type clubs. We really enjoy playing at those because the crowds are serious clubbers and love more underground music.”

Although females aren’t totally non-existent within the scene, they are definitely more rare within the massive male DJ population. It was refreshing and inspiring to get to personally interview and see NERVO’s performance. Consistently humbled and always flattered during the interview, she says to me with excitement “We love our job and can’t believe it’s actually a job for us. Having a responsive crowd is also a real buzz for us. And playing your records for a crowd that loves them is the best drug ever!”

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By Alicia Greco
The Griffin

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